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Burroughs L7000 Computer

by billdeg
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I have been contacted by a jewelry store in Newark Delaware who has a Burroughs L7000 computer to donate. I have helped make arrangements to have this picked up and delivered to the MARCH museum in Wall New Jersey, part of the InfoAge complex at Camp Evans. pics">... [ read more ]

1975 Microcomputer Directory

by billdeg
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The COSMAC Microkit 1 (RCA) was an early 1801 microcomputer kit from 1975.
A directory of microcomputers was compiled by Robert M. Grossman, Associate Editor of EDN Microprocessor Design Series Volume II. Robert wrote an article titled µC Systems Directory: where have all the µP's gone?. NOTE: µC = "microcomputer" and µP = "microprocessor.
More 1975 microcomputing devices: The Microcontroller (Scientific Micro Systems), the M6800 (Motorola), and the MicroPac 80 microcomputer (Process Computer Systems)
MITS is listed as a manufacturer and so are a lot of very interesting other companies, some I never heard of, but I am missing the page that lists the models">... [ read more ]

Selected 1975 Microprocessor Diagrams

by billdeg
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RCA 1801, Intel 8080, MOS 650x, and Motorola 6800 diagrams">... [ read more ]


by billdeg
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Did you know that Compute! was "Compute." for the first two issues? For future reference here's what I have on hand: vol 1 issue 1 Fall 1979, issue 2 Jan Feb 1980. vol 2 issue 7 Nov / Dec 1980 vol 3 issue 1 Jan 1980 vol 3 issue 9 Feb 1981 -through- issue 16 Sept 1981">... [ read more ]

MITS Altair 8800a

by billdeg
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Here are some pictures of my MITS Altair 8800a model. This unit has been on loan with Dan Roganti who has restored power to the unit by replacing some caps (I believe). More to come in early 2010.
The relatively rare Altair 8800a model was advertised by MITS for less than a year. Note the front plate variation compared with the original model. Click image for larger view.
See also front panel project: http://vintage...rowse_thread.cfm?id=317">... [ read more ]

Vintage Computer Festival East 6.0

by billdeg
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Pictures from the Vintage Computer Festival East 6.0 held September 12 and 13th at the Info Age Science Center in Wall, NJ USA
William (Bill)Dromgoole's "..Ohio Scientific Superkit with a homebrewed power supply and no case, 25x25-character display, and external parallel ASCII keyboard. The Superkit consists of model 500a CPU board, model 480 backplane, and 440b video card. Also installed are a model 430b cassette I/O interface with D/A and A/D converters and model 420c memory cards. .." One of my favorite exhibits.
Pictures">... [ read more ]

Examine using Front Panel - problem

by billdeg
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Updated: [ Examine using Front Panel - correction ] 09/25/2009
This is a note to self. I have an Altair mentioned elsewhere on this web site, SN 220744K, and the front panel has been mod-ed to with both IMSAI and Altair front panel connectors so either CPU interface card can be used. When the Altair card in installed, examine does not work. Here is a substitute for examine in the mean time assume you're starting from 000 000 but you want to examine what's in c000. deposit load the following: 000 303 jmp [a7, a6, a1, a0 up] 000 000 lower [all down] 000 300 upper [ a7, a6 up] = c000 reset put all toggles down single step = watch for a15, a14 up = c000 now that you have jumped to c000, you can use the examine next. NEXT: try system with imsai CPU card, see if examine works. If yes, then it's the cable, if no, then it's the front panel (someplace). See also post about the power supply capacitor for this system, needs replaci">... [ read more ]

Processor Tech General Purpose Module

by billdeg
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Updated: [ Further attempts to fix PT GPM card ] 10/18/2009
For my own reference, I took some pictures of Bill Sudbrink's Processor Tech General Purpose Module card, which is similar to mine except that he made some modifications to protect some of the F000+ memory when CUTER and NorthStar DOS try to use the same spaces. Here are the pictures I took: Processor Tech General Purpose Module Mods for NS DOS and CUTER Of course now I have a problem with my CUTER program, I must have blown an IC. Next - find and repair the bad component. ">... [ read more ]

Televideo TS-816

by billdeg
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I took this system out for a spin, it had been 4 or 5 years. Still works great. Here are some new pictures.
The Televideo TS-816 has no internal disk drive, only a tape unit, which is used for backup and restore operations. Fortunately the hard drive will still boot and support multiple terminal operations. I used the serial port from a laptop to load the BASIC program ELIZA from console mode and then ran the program on separate (Televideo) terminal in user mode.
">... [ read more ]

Site for info/pictures for S-100 Boards

by monahan_z
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Well I have spent the past 2 months putting together a central database of most S-100 boards with pictures, comments and (where possible) manuals for each board for the web site If I had known it was going to be so much work I'm not sure I would have started! Anyway most of the major S-100 board companies are there. I obtained pictures and manuals from all over the web, my own fairly large collection, and pictures and manuals sent in by a number of great individuals who helped out. They are listed in the acknowledgement section. From the S-100 Boards section of you arrive at a central page from which you go to each manufacture. To get started go here:- http://www...0Index%20Page.htm As you can see we are still missing pictures of a few boards (or they are very poor). A number of manuals are missing. Pleas">... [ read more ]

CompuPro Advertisements

by billdeg
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GodBout changed it's name to CompuPro in late 1980. Here are a few of the first ads from this era, 1980-1981: CompuPro CPU 8085/88 (8 - 16) CPU CompuPro Interfacer I and Interfacer II CompuPro Static RAM (various) CompuPro Product Listing Ad Download PDF format">... [ read more ]

converting files from ascii to PRG

by billdeg
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Let's say you write, scan, or transfer somehow an ASCII file that contains a BASIC program. How do you get it to your Commodore? Here is how I do it. The files are here 1. Start with an ASCII listing of your BASIC program. Save it as "myfile.txt" 2. Download all of the files from TOK64 to your PC (MS Windows) 3. This command will copy your code to PRG format TOK64 /toprg myfile.txt If that does not work, you may have to type TOK64 /list to see all commands. 4. The program will convert the ASCII program to Commdore PRG 5. Use D64 Editor to pack the PRG file you created (MYFILE.PRG (and any others you may wish to add) into a single disk image. You can start by creating an empty 64 image and then import MYFILE.PRG into it. 6. I use MM64 with RR-net op">... [ read more ]

MITS 1440 Calculator

by billdeg
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The MITS Model 1440 was a electronic calculator kit first produced in 1972 before the Altair 8800. This calculator was capable of performing square, square root, and memory storage. It had 15 digit LED readout.
The 1972 MITS 1440 Calculator restoration by Bob Grieb of
There were 6 integrated circuits ("ROMS") but Bob replaced the one marked FDY 360B-7006 with a modern equivalent he made himself(!). He also replaced at least one zener diode. He sent me a complete write up of the repairs and notes. Additional pictures and documents related to the 1440 GENERAL DESCRIPTION (from the Theory of Operation section of the manual) "..The Model 1440 Calculator uses state-of-the-art MOS/LSI (Metal oxides substrate/large scale integratio">... [ read more ]


by billdeg
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Updated: [ Altair BASIC running on other machines ] 09/02/2009
I am working with the "Eliza" program found in the Jul-Aug 1977 Creative Computing magazine. It was written for MITS Altair BASIC, but I only have the IMSAI 1.4 BASIC. Lines like this are incompatible: 90 DIM C$(72),I$(72),K$(72),F$(72),S$(72),R$(72),P$(72),Z$(72) ..need to find a useful detailed guide to IMSAI 1.4 BASIC, better still a guide for converting MITS 8K BASIC to IMSAI 1.4 BASIC.">... [ read more ]

Multi-Tech Systems MT25 EIA-CCITT

by billdeg
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Multi-Tech Systems MT25 EIA-CCITT Breakout / Monitor tester. A useful tool.
">... [ read more ]
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