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TM 990/189 or PP189


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  TM 990/189 or PP189 by Andreas Meyer - 10/21/2008 03:28
Hello to all,
I get a TM 990/189 System from one of my friends. The interesting point is that the system is build in a black box. You can detach the cover from it. On the cove there are the letters PP189 and of course the Texas Instruments brand name.
I searched in the internet to get more information about this system. I found some of the PCB (TM 990/189) itself but nothing about the box. Do anyone know more about it?
Regards from Germany

  re:TM 990/189 or PP189 by Bill Degnan - 10/21/2008 11:56
I don't have a copy of the TI catalog with me at the moment, but I bet that this was an accessory that was available from TI. I have never seen one before however.

  re:TM 990/189 or PP189 by Andreas Meyer - 10/21/2008 15:53
I can provide images, if you want. I don't think that it is only a acessory, it is more a transport case with powersupply connection.



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