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Using ST-225 HD in CBM D9090 Drive

by billdeg
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Updated: [ Working D9090 owner's club .... ] 04/14/2009
More on the Commdore D9090 hard drive with pics: http://www.vintag...ives/D9090_sn3674/ I have given up trying to find a 6-head Tandon 603s, and I decided to use a 4-head ST-225 because they are easier to find. I used a B-128 to format the drive. 1) On the controller (top) I snipped J14 jumper to make the D9090 think it was a D9060. This modification is necessary because the D9090 controller is set to use a 6-head drive. Clipping J14 converts the controller into a de-facto D9060 which expects a 4 head drive. The D9060 came with Tandon 602s. 2) I removed the Tandon 603s hard drive that originally came with the drive, reassembled w/o cover. 3) ran a quick test to be sure that the drive was put back together safely: > ?ds$ [enter] 73, CBM DOS 3.0.0 etc 4) I used the following command: >header "degnan",d0,i01 [enter] Are you sure?">... [ read more ]

Ken's Number Cruncher - S-100 bus 6502!

by billdeg
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Took pictures before trading to J Rubin. It's a beautifully crafted homebrew system using a Vector VP-2 S-100 bus chassis. 6502 Processor-based system for interfacing with KIM Computer. Waiting for J Rubin to publish more info on this system.">... [ read more ]

My B Series Software

by billdeg
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Name/Intended System/Manuf Calc Result 700BX Handic Word Result 700BX Handic General Ledger 8032 Info Designs Payroll 8032 Info Designs Accounts Payable 8032 Info Designs Accounts Receivable 8032 Info Designs Inventory 8032 Info Designs Accounts Payable B Series Commodore General Ledger B Series Commodore Order Entry B Series Commodore Payroll B Series Commodore Accounts Receivable B Series Commodore Payroll 8050 drive BPI Systems Job Cost 8050 drive BPI Systems Accounts Payable 8050 drive BPI Systems Superbase B-128 Commodore Superbase II B-128 Commodore Superscript B-128 Commodore Superscript II B-128 Commodore SuperOffice B-128 Commodore">... [ read more ]

11 MB ZIP Commodore D64 Images

by Ruud
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Updated: [ 11 MB ZIP Commodore D64 Images ] 10/27/2006
http://www.vintagecomput.../64/baltissen/ Hallo allemaal, Bill is so kind to host a ZIP file with mostly D64 images. These images contain software published by various magasines like TPUG, Cursor and PBE. The last is a Dutch one so lot of these floppies will contain Dutch programs. FYI, the word 'inhoud' means 'contents'. have fun with it !!! -- ___ / __|__ / / |_/ Groetjes, Ruud \__|_ \___|">... [ read more ]

Epson Equity 1

by billdeg
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Just picked one of these up locally. Starts to read Epson DOS 2.11 boot disk, it posts "Equity Loading..." for about a 1/2 second and then poops out with "Non system disk or disk error.." Any other working DOS results in "Boot Failure" and the computer locks up. The dip switch settings appear correct. I tried flip-flopping the disk drives and connections to the motherboard. No luck. The drive connectors are not your standard IBM PC drive connectors so I can't try any other drives. I have used a high % iso alcohol to clean the heads. Disk controller embedded in motherboard. I don't really feel like taking the whole computer apart to get to the motherboard. Do you think it's worth trying to fix? I feel like I am restoring an 86 Corolla, not worth it...Comments?">... [ read more ]

Aerocomp TRS 80 M 1 Expansion Unit DDC

by billdeg
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I have finished my testing of the Aeoromp Double Density Controller and Tandy DDC for comparison purposes. I did not test a Percom DDC, but I can if you need me to. Test Units: 1) Three Expansion Interfaces (E/I's), one is a 26-1140 and two are 26-1142-1's. 26-1142-1 s/n 014121 26-1142-1 s/n 005581 26-1140 s/n 047396 they all work at least to the point to attempting to access the diskdrive for the OS. 2) Two Percom DD disk drives - wired together as drive 0 and 1. These were the test drives, but also tried Micropolis 1053 II dual floppy and a regular old Tandy mini floppy drive. 3) TRS 80 Model I with Level II Basic 26-1003, s/n 008498 works, extensively tested, my "test unit" for all testing. TEST RESULTS 1) 26-1142-1 s/n 014121 with Aerocomp DDC and Percom DD disk drives I was able to load DoubleDOS 4.23 and DOSPlus double density ver 3.4 48K using Percom driv">... [ read more ]

Commodore B Series Tips and Tricks

by billdeg
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Updated: [ CBM IEEE Drive Tips ] 08/01/2010
Commodore B Series Tips and Tricks B 128 and CBM 256-80 By Bill Degnan 1. Get as many CBUG disks as you can, as well copies of the resources listed at the bottom of this document. You will also need to track down a copy of SuperScript II so that you can read B Series word processing files. SuperScript II, the B Series Commodore User's Guide, and the Programmer's Reference can be purchased from Freeware utilities, IEEE drive manuals, and B series commercial software can also be purchased from this source. 2. You will need a PET to IEEE cable to connect peripherals (such as disk drives) to the B series. 3. To activate most commercial software; attach everything and with the program diskette in drive 0 hit the SHIFT+RUN/STOP keys. 4. Most software written for the B Series computers is ONLY compati">... [ read more ]

Samsung 630

by billdeg
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Little is known of the Samsung SD630. EGA 286 10MB Hd. Here is a pic.">... [ read more ]

Tandy 1000HX

by billdeg
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-Works -Video Card better than IBM XT 256K RAM -Ran Leisure Suit Larry -DOS 2.11 on ROM chip = C drive -720K Disk drive -CGA (RGB) monitor I like these computers.">... [ read more ]

SuperPET 9000

by billdeg
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Picked up a new in box SuperPet with sofware, including Cobol. No pics yet.">... [ read more ]

Apple II GS - boot to 3.5 inch disk?

by billdeg
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System: Apple IIGS with memory expansion. 5 1/4 and 3.5" drives. Goal: Boot your Apple II GS to 3.5 disk Solution: 1) Plug 5 1/4 into computer drive port, and attach 3.5 cable into 5 1/4 drive port. 2) Insert boot disk into 3.5 drive, leave 5 1/4 drive empty. Any other combo will not work...try it.">... [ read more ]

Tandy to PC file transfer

by billdeg
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PC3 and PC Four TRS 80 Model III and Model 4 emulators for IBM PC-format computers. Back up your Tandy Disks to IBM XT-era hard drive in PC format. PC Cross Zap (PCXZ) XZ.exe which is the utility that actually formats and copies the disks in Tandy format on an IBM PC. The format is LDOS 5.1.">... [ read more ]

Lobo Max 80

by billdeg
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Pictures This system works as is described in the manual, but I have not been able to get it to boot. I have tried numerous 8" and 5 1/4 drives, including a Lobo Twin 8" drive.">... [ read more ]

Exatron Stringy Floppy

by billdeg
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Updated: [ Exatron Stringy Floppy ] 05/23/2005
Here is a preview of a more in-depth report on the Exatron Stringy Floppy Pictures The stingy floppy was introduced in April 1979 at the Computer Faire in San Francisco USA. The order form for the purchase of a stringy floppy includes a field to select the drive software for either the TRS 80, SWTP or S-100. I have a typed copy of the s-100 assembler, but it's for the Cromeco. The "nose" protrudes 1/2 inch from the drive. The dimensions of the hole from which the nose protrudes is 3" wide x 1" tall The Stringy Floppy Wafers are 2 11/16" x 1 9/16" (must be metric). Most of the documentation refers to the TRS 80 with Level II BASIC, except for the Cromeco assembler. Bill D">... [ read more ]

IBM 4956 Series I System

by billdeg
Total messages in this thread: 5
Updated: [ Hi-res pictures ] 04/18/2009
5-18-2005 I have an IBM 4956 Series I System as described below (circa 1976-83). I have limited experience with this era IBM and will gladly except assistance in the mean time I will slowly work to restore its function. I was told that it was operational when taken off line 20 years ago and appears to have been stored adequately. Assembled the system is housed in two 6-foot rack cabinets with a total weight of 600-800lbs If you want it you will have to come to the Landenberg, PA USA which is on the extreme south-eastern tip of the state, about 10 miles from I-95 where Maryland meets Delaware. Bring a truck. I can provide pictures or additional details upon request. Inventory: qty) description 2) 6' IBM 4997 Rack Units with shelves to house the processor and peripherals. 1) IBM 4956 Processor (see for German equivalen">... [ read more ]
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