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A New 68000 CPU S-100 Board


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  A New 68000 CPU S-100 Board by John Monahan - 03/12/2012 21:05
For those of you building S-100 bus systems and are following our work, I am delighted to announce that Andrew and I now have an S-100 bus Motorola 68000 CPU board that can be configured as an S-100 Bus Master or as a Bus Slave. In the second configuration the 68K CPU can sit silently in the bus (typically run by a Z80 master) and upon outputting a bit to a port take control completely from the z80 itself running the bus. This switching of CPUs can go back and forth continuously is as described in the IEEE-696 protocol. The board has room on board for a 32KX2 EEPROM pair and 32KX2 Static RAM. The 68K interrupt lines are active and up to 16MG or RAM can be utilized.
A simple 68K Monitor is supplied. Further details can be found here:-
We are taking limited orders for hobbyists that would like to try building this board from a bare board.
You obtain your own components (all common 74LSxx or 74Fxx type chips). We are NOT a commercial operation, only limited help can be provided through forum discussions.
Please see the bottom of the above URL for more information.



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