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Digital PDP-9 The Serious Computer

by billdeg
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Digital PDP-9 Computer PDP/9
Cover of the November 1967 Digital PDP-9 Sales Brochure. Sigh. Click image for larger view.
">... [ read more ]

Digital PDP11 late 1969 early 1970

by billdeg
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The Cover of the Jan/Feb 1970 Digital PDP11 sales brochure.
There is a popular misconception that the PDP11/20 was the first PDP 11 and that the 11/10 was introduced later, with the 11/05 and 11/40. In fact, there was a little-known "rev 1" PDP11/10 and this model was sold simultaneously with the 11/20 when the PDP11 product line was introduced in 1969. This first PDP11/10 was a turnkey unit that could be used as a process control system. A few years later a "rev 2" 11/10 was produced, this time more or less interchangeable with the new PDP11/05. This is the 11/10 most of us know. PDP 11 Price list December 15, 1969 PDP 11 Sales Brochure (Jan/Feb 1970) ... [ read more ]

Teletype Model 15

by billdeg
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Updated: [ Threads with Comments about Photo ] 01/11/2015
Caption contest Avert your eyes before it's too late! "Ms. Amateur Radio 73 November 1976"
Click thumbnail to download larger image - suitable as a desktop background.
Actually, this photo was taken more than ten years earlier. Amongst photos of old teletypes in an article titled "Thirty Years of Ham RTTY", the photo above appears on page 112. What kind of bet did this lady lose? There is a story here. Perhaps you'd like to share your comments...">... [ read more ]

Remodeling Project

by billdeg
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Vintage Computer Desks
Can you name all of the items in this photo? Click image for larger view.
I have been working to remodel my project work space. The biggest accomplishment has been to sort all documentation and to pull the vintage computer desks into a more functional purpose. photos">... [ read more ]

Action Computer Enterprise, Inc.

by billdeg
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Updated: [ Former Action Computer User Comment ] 12/18/2014
Little is known about the Discovery 500 Multiprocessor S-100 Computer by Action Computer Enterprise, Inc. I found ads for a similar system sold by the same company that appear in Byte magazines in 1981-1982, but no ads for the Discovery 500.
The Discovery 500 Multiprocessor S-100 Computer by Action Computer Enterprise, Inc. This is a "turnkey" system, note the key.
The multiprocessor calls the disk controller, but there is no functioning media. After checking for a disk in the floppy drive, the system searches the hard disk for an OS.
The hard drive makes a horrible screeching, I doubt I will be able to get too far with it. The hard drive is a Disctro">... [ read more ]

A Better Way to Replace Keyboard Pads?

by billdeg
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REPOST FROM CLASSICCMP: Message: 8 Date: Wed, 17 Dec 2014 22:30:42 -0500 (EST) From: Steven Hirsch To: Classic Computers Mailing List Subject: Keytronics foam pads revisited Message-ID: Content-Type: TEXT/PLAIN; format=flowed; charset=US-ASCII I've fixed a couple of keyboards using hobby shop track bed foam, but have not been very happy with the "feel". That foam is considerably less resilient than the material Keytronics used. After trying a number of alternate materials, I have found something that is almost identical to the original. Take a look at eBay #171549720453 for an example. "Podopro Polyfoam 5mm 45cmx22.5cm" It's 5mm thick with an adhesive backing, sold for shoe inserts. I stuck 0.075" plastic sheet to the backing, then turned it over and used spray adhesive for the aluminized mylar. Worked like a charm. Just finished resurrecting a N* Advan">... [ read more ]

1964 Honeywell Sales Presentation

by billdeg
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Honeywell 201 Central Processor Info Sheet
Honeywell 201 Central Processor Info Sheet from sales presentation. For larger image see Section 3b from the link below.
May 1st, 1964 the Honeywell Electronic Data Processing Division Bala-Cynwyd office sales team led by Stephen S. Berry (Sales Representative) and H.L. Sweatt (Branch Sales Mgr) submitted their proposal to DuPont Company to upgrade the Treasurer's Department computer system. DuPont had been running an IBM 1401 system but they were looking to upgrade. Initial discussions between the two companies appear to have been about the H-200 computer. After assessing the needs of the Treasurer's Department, Honeywell is shown to suggest that DuPont instead acquire a system comprising of combination of H-800/1800, H-300, and co">... [ read more ]

Replace External Filter Digital RK05

by billdeg
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Original filter removed from the rear card cage opening of the Digital RK05 drive.
After a few aborted attempts Dave G helped me take apart the PDP 8e system so it could be de-racked and moved into the basement. Finally. Before I re-cabled the drives to the computer I decided to replace the filter in the back of each drive where the cards are connected to the cables. I went to the local hardware store and bought general purpose filters, then cut to fit. If you're replacing your own DEC filter the product I used is 3M Filtrete #0412560 carbon pre-filter">... [ read more ]

Bendix G-15 Coding Manual

by billdeg
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Color cover of the Bendix G-15 Coding Manual
Color scan cover of the 1959 Bendix G-15 Coding Manual. Click image for larger view.
PDF of manual on Bitsavers: http://bitsa...CodingManual.pdf See a Bendix G-15 in person at the Mid-Atlantic Retro Computing Hobbyists Computer Museum at InfoAge in Wall, NJ, USA.">... [ read more ]

1993 Digital DECpc XL 566

by billdeg
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Digital DECpc XL 566
In November 1993 Digital Equipment Corp introduced its XL line of PC computers which included two Pentium I CPU PCs, the DECpc XL 560 and 566. The price for the model shown here was $4,399. Click image for larger view.
This particular machine works quite well and is very clean. I plan to set it up as a vintage 1995 web designer PC, with my original programs and files from that era. This one has an ethernet card in it, which is kind of cheating, the average designer in 1995 would have had a 33.6 kbaud modem. On the other hand if you could afford $4000+ for a PC in 1995 you might was well throw in an Ethernet card as well, eh? Photos">... [ read more ]

CBM BX700 Pictures

by billdeg
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Commodore BX700
CBM BX700 with chassis propped open. Click image for larger view.
CBM 8088 B Series Math Co-Processor
View of the 8088 co-processor board used to boot MS DOS and CP/M 86 OS. Click image for larger view.
A few new photos of the rare Commodore "BX700", a B-Series prototype with no ID badge or S/N label. The BX700 is not to be confused with the European B700 / American CBM B128-80.">... [ read more ]

Mainframe / MiniComputer User Manuals

by billdeg
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Mainframe and Minicomputer paper documents
Here is a snapshot photo of my basement floor sorting project, everything is being cataloged and sorted by manufacturer and model. I will eventually catalog all of this and post here...Click image for larger view.
More photos">... [ read more ]


by billdeg
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Updated: [ UNIVAC 1219 / 418 Models ] 11/13/2014
Here is a link to the "Univac 1219 Military Computer General Description" brochre: Hi-res Images">... [ read more ]

SuperPET ComboBoard Revisions

by billdeg
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Updated: [ SuperPet U47 - not a 2764 ] 11/09/2014
I have a SuperPET ComboBoard with a bad 970018-12 (slot U47)...I assume there is no source for the original ROMS...From what I found on the web, this is just a 2764. I will try to make a copy of the one good ROM. I found this site http://mhv.bplaced...s/cbmroms.php SuperPET Waterloo $A and $B (U47) A000 - BFFF Anyway, soon I will see how it goes to make a replacement ROM from scratch. Regarding the two spare Combo boards I have on hand; one is an original Combo board, and one a "Rev D". Both boards are good other than the one bad ROM that I have to share between the two. I did not realize there was more than one rev of the SuperPet Combo board. The big difference is that J2 (the switch port) is in a different positi">... [ read more ]

Using CBM 4040 and SuperPET in 6809 Mode

by billdeg
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CBM SuperPET Switch Settings for 6809 Mode
This is a view of the CBM SuperPET switch settings for 6809 mode. In this position one can run the Waterloo development languages including Pascal, COBOL, Fortran, BASIC, and Assembler. Click image for larger view.
The topic of conversation came up as to whether one could run the SuperPET Waterloo software from a 4040 drive. Being that the 4040 is the IEEE dual-drive equivalent of the 1541 drive, it would then be possible copy the disk as a D64 for easier transport and poss use on an actual serial drive with an adapter. ... [ read more ]
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