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by billdeg
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What the heck, is now also , named after the Theodor Nelson Computer Lib article.


A number of people have gotten mad at me for coining the phrase "cybercrud," which I define as "putting things over on people using computers." But as long as it goes on we'll need the word. At every corner of our society, peope are issuing pronouncements and making other people do things and saying it's because of the computer. The function of cybercrud is thus to confuse, intimidate or pressure. We have all got to get wise to this if it is going to be curtailed. -Theodor Nelson, Computer Lib. 1974 pg 8">... [ read more ]

4 Sale: Seagate Model 506 HD/Enclosures

by billdeg
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Updated: [ SOLD ] 07/17/2007 1 Seagate Model 506 Hard Drive - NOS - Tested - Working Condition 2 Clone Computers Brand External Hard Drive Enclosures, not assembled Build your own External Hard Drive System for a Tandy TRS 80 Model 3 NOT INCLUDED: Directions. You should have a basic working knowledge of hardware enough to put all of the pieces together. The reason I am selling both enclosures together is to help ensure that buyer can make at least one working external hard drive out of it. Although the ST 506 has been tested this year and found to have no errors, I offer no warrantee or guarantee the item will work, due to age. I did not test the enclosures. Bidders with excessive negative or zero feedback, please ask before bidding. Shipping: You will be contacted The buyer has the option to take the ST-506 only, if buyer does n">... [ read more ]

1985 Winter Consumer Electronics Show

by billdeg
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Pictures of the C-LCD and C-128 displays as they were being assembled before the 1985 Comsumer Electronics Show. here is a link: pictures">... [ read more ]

NEW MITS Altair 680b Replica Kit

by billdeg
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Grant Stockley (Stockley Electronics) has produced a new Altair 680 replica kit, which can be purchased for only $999, including extras: Condidering that an original 680b with the same extras would cost well over $2000 today, if you can even find one, this is a great deal. Visit the web site for more details.">... [ read more ]

University of Delaware Computer Museum

by billdeg
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There's a new computer museum at the University of Delaware and I am working as a sort of curator to help assemble exhibits. It's small. This weekend we completed a new exhibit showcase. Those of you at the Vintage Computer Festival will recognize it. The "TRS 80 Model 1 30th Anniversary" exhibit from the festival has found a home. Pictured are computers donated to the University, plus items from my collection. Pics">... [ read more ]

Secret Weapons Of Commodore Update

by billdeg
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POSTED ORIGINALLY ON cbm-hackers mailing list by Cameron Kaiser * Floodgap Systems * ------------------------------------- ------------------------------------- It's late. It's really late. But it's done, and the 13th edition of the Secret Weapons of Commodore is released. The Secret Weapons of Commodore is devoted to rare, unusual or just plain interesting Commodore peripherals, computers and prototypes, with historical and technical information on their development, specifications and fates. This edition is dedicated in memory of Jim Butterfield, who helped out with a number of entries on SWoC previously, and as many know lost his battle with cancer just recently. This edition also includes the units shown at VCF East 4.0 at the PET 30th Anniversary. Here's what's Newly Discovered: New entries: - multiple internationalized 128s (tha">... [ read more ]

Commodore 2022 (3022) Printer Testing

by billdeg
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While in the CBM IEEE mood I took out a status-unknown CBM 2022 tractor feed printer I had tucked away in the corner. My son was messing around with the form feed button while I was setting it up. Long story short, we discovered that if you hold down the form feed button and power the printer on at the same time, the printer will print diagnostic test characters (continuously). By analyzing the printout, I learned that the 2022 is at least mechanically OK in that the paper feeds and the printer prints characters correctly. There was even a little bit of ink left in the ribbon. This is a nice feature because it saves a person the trouble of having to plug the printer into a system. I bet this works for other older IEEE printers esp. the 2023 and the Europen 3022. If you're buying a CBM printer on Ebay, ask the seller to perform this simple test for you. Office supply store">... [ read more ]

CBM IEEE Drive Inventory / Repair Notes

by billdeg
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NOTE: Tandon = door drive levers, otherwise units are "depress to engage" type drives. -8050 w/ Tandon Drives OK -8050 w/ Tandon Drives OK boxed -8050 OK (bench unit) -8050 OK upgraded DOS 2.7. drive 0 bad -8050 Not OK 2 more 8050 w/ Tandon Drives, Not OK 1 Tandon 8250 - flakey/partially functional -Tandon 2040 - OK -Tandon 2040 - does not power up -Tandon 2031 -Not OK 3 flashes code -D9090 - OK (converted to D9060 w/ ST-225) -D9090 - OK (needs new Tandon 603s) -------------------- What's next? Repair with parts on hand. ">... [ read more ]

More Commodore Documentation

by billdeg
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New to inventory 1. Service Manual B Model Computer 1985 P/N 314010-06 2. CPM/86 Commodore BX Source BIOS 3. Misc Compute! articles 4. CBUG Issues 1985-87, Northwest Computer News 1987-92 5. IEEE-Centronix Interface W/ Software Configuration Tips, Superscript II, etc 6. CBM ROM Genealogy plus misc. technotes 7. 2023 Printer 1978 machine lang/source 8. 4040 Disk Drive Source 9/ B-128 Fast Bus v. 2.0 10/30/88">... [ read more ]

Commodore Service Manual

by billdeg
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Recently I got a Commodore Service Manual full of documentation. Housed in a very large 3-ring binder titled "Commodore Service Manual" CONTENTS 1. Commodore Training "Lecture Notes" by Spiro Omfalus 5/80 -Commodore 3000 Series. Troubleshooting/Schematics/Jumpers/etc --PET --Cassette --Floppy --Printer 2. Commodore Techtopics 1980 "Techtopics Bulletin" Diagnostics Testing Upgrade/Tips DOS version 2.1 BASIC 2 Schematics etc. 3. Commodore Technical Support Bulletin 4. Tech Notes 1983 (re-print from 1981, 170 pages) -CBM 8300P -Software Newsletters '81-82 -Regional Newsletters '81-82 --VIC 20 / 8032 / 2031 drive -Schematics">... [ read more ]

Epson PX-8

by billdeg
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Coming of a complete Epson Geneva PX-8 laptop with external drive, printer, and modem. Dbase II ROM, communications software, more.">... [ read more ]

Using Toggle Switches to Analyze Memory

by billdeg
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Ever wonder how to read memory using toggle switches on an old Altair computer? I gave a talk at the Vintage Computer Festival (Power Point) titled Download Vintage Computer Hardware 101 Featuring the MITS Altair 680b. ">... [ read more ]

Vintage Computer Festival VCF E 4.0

by billdeg
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More to come on this subject, but for now, here are some pictures. The event was quite a success. Thank you Evan Koblentz ( ) for making this event such as success. Visit the Vintage Computer Festival East 2007 web site ( ) for more details. Pics from the event: More to come... ">... [ read more ]

Lobo Max 80 - Works!

by billdeg
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Finally after two years I got some working boot disks, (note the file dates for newer pictures): Not pictured, 5 1/4" Percom disk drive used to book LDOS 5.1.3 "v. MAX513" The disk that came with the system Lobo CP/M 2.2 did not boot.">... [ read more ]

Prototype PET 2001 photo

by billdeg
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Updated: [ Jan 1977 PET photo ] 08/13/2008
While doing some reasearch on my exhbit, I came upon a copy of Byte October 1977, and on page 54 there is an article about the National Computer Conference in Dallas, TX June 13-16. On that page is a picture of a prototype PET 2001. http://www.vint...e/2001-8/magazine/ I posted two scans, one blown up so you can read the face plate. ...this is to my knowledge the first known photo from a magazine of a CBM PET 2001, and a prototype to boot. BUT this is not the first known photo (Seach this site for "gametronics") - Note that the mag pic PET plate reads: "PET Computer 2001" on the front right (as seen in the blown-up of the two scans). SO - If the Dallas convention marks the first public appearance of the PET 2001. This event coincides with the VCF E ( ) - 30 years ago to the day, minus one week. Bill">... [ read more ]
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