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Systems Group System 2900

by billdeg
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Updated: [ repairs complete / Need Password ] 09/02/2017
Systems Group System 2900 S-100 Computer
Pictured is a circa 1982/3 Systems Group System 2900 Business class S-100 computer system. Click image for larger view
Systems Group System 2900 S-100 Computer card cage
View of the burnt components on the DMB 6400 controller card. Click image for view of entire card cage.
This system burned out some caps near the voltage regulators of a card labeled DMB 6400. Otherwise the system seems ok enough to attempt a restore. I have zero info on this machine, b">... [ read more ]

Magnavox Odyssey2 1978

by billdeg
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The Magnavox Odyssey2 computer video console running Computer Intro! cart
The 1978 Magnavox Odyssey2 computer video console running Computer Intro! program. The Odyssey2 had an Intel 4048 (MSC-48 microcontroller) CPU and full membrane keyboard making it a "computerette" (my term) when compared with its market rivals the Atari 2600 and Mattel Intellivision. Computer Intro! allowed the user to create and run 4048 assembly programs, although I am not aware of any way to save these programs. There was no cassette storage that I know of. Click image for larger view.
Magnavox Odyssey2 console.... [ read more ]

Raspberry Pi PiDP8 Emulator rev 2015

by billdeg
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Updated: [ Further refinements ] 08/18/2017
PiDP8 2015 Model
This is the 2015 version with the little dots on the white switches. I think I placed the first or second paid order, shipped in July of 2015, but I finally got around to building the kit over the 2016 Christmas holiday. These kinds of projects I like to save for the right moment, a very enjoyable kit. Hats off to Oscar Vermeulen for his fine work designing both the kit and the software. Click image for larger view.
Pi Zero as PiDP8 emulator
I chose the Pi Zero because it can feed off a USB port for power. There are just enough ports to connect">... [ read more ]

Another CBM D9090

by billdeg
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Updated: [ Tandon 603s Replaced by ST241 ] 08/17/2017
I have a second CBM D9090 ROM A, to test, and see if I can get it up and running. It's totally stock, other than the fact that the cover is missing. My other D9090 is a ROM C I think. Pics">... [ read more ]

VCFed August Workshop

by billdeg
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Lear Siegler ADM-3a Terminal with tan chassis connected to telnet BBS
old terminals had style, eh? This terminal has the lower case ROM and switch cover. Pictured here the screen shows it while connected to the Internet (telnet Level 29 BBS). Note how the font is vertically justified; the lower case characters have to sit centered along a plane so that characters like the lower-case g are raised up. click for larger view.
Lear Siegler ADM3a Terminal with tan chassis
The Lear Siegler ADM-3A terminal, serial driver repaired.
... [ read more ]

XOR S-100-4 Computer 1982-3

by billdeg
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Updated: [ 64K XOR RAM board ] 08/14/2017
I recently purchased a XOR S-100-4 computer from Jim Battle. This weekend I took some new pictures: With very little work I was able to get this machine up and running. Jim did a great job in restoring it to working order. Product Ad from 1983">... [ read more ]

CBM Transfer Updated for Windows 10

by billdeg
Total messages in this thread: 1 /software/cbmxfer/cbmxfer.html">... [ read more ]

RX01 notes

by billdeg
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Digital RX01
Digital RX01 dual 8" disk drive uses IBM 3740 FM format disks.
Recently I was given an RX01 drive and RX11 controller card (M7846) and the PDP 8 equivalent (M8357) but no disks. I need to check out the drive, install the card into an available PDP 11 and/or PDP 8 and make disks from images downloaded from the web, starting with RT-11 for the PDP 11. Quick notes to start off this project: 1. Downloaded EK-RX01-MM-002 manual that describes set up. UNIBUS: 2. Page 5-4 "RX11 is not an NPR Device." 3. Page 1-2 "The M7846 plugs into an SPC (small peripheral controller) slot with any PDP-11 processor. " 4. Bootstrap start address is 1000 6. Verify power getting to M7846 correctly here: http://www.chdic">... [ read more ]

Capacitor Inventory

by billdeg
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On-hand Cap Inventory Thread date = last update date Please send inquiries by replying to this thread. mF Voltage Capicitor Type QTY 1500 40 Axial 32 3000 30 Axial 16 27000 30 2-Post 12 500 25 Axial 11 6900 15 Axial 9 100 75 Axial 6 500 75 Axial 6 1100 30 Axial 6 2000 30 Axial 6 21000 15 2-Post 5 850 200 2-Post 4 2600 50 2-Post 4 3400 30 2-Post 4 4700 35 Axial 4 4900 200 2-Post 4 5800 25 2-Post 4 5900 75 2-Post 4 12000 40 2-Post 4 23000 30 2-Post 4 24000 75 2-Post 4 51000 40 2-Post 4 250 150 Axial 3 330 200 Axial 3 470 50 Axial 3 13000 15 2-Post 3 14000 40 2-Post 3 14000 25 2-Post 3 19000 30 2-Post 3 32000 20 2-Post 3 40000 15 2-Post 3 150 150 2-Post 2 200 200 2-Post 2 200 200 3-Post 2 220 200 3-Post 2 500 25 2-Post 2 500 50 Axial 2 800 ">... [ read more ]

UNIVAC 1219 USS Midway CV-41

by kingjr5872
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John King UNIVAC 1219 USS Midway CV-41
John says: "I have a photo of me repairing one of two 1219 while on-board the USS Midway CV-41. They were a redundant system (configured like a Master/Slave) to land aircraft on a carrier automatically without the pilots control. We used two, in case one computer went down the other would take over. Pretty cool and oh yes many hours/days without sleep repairing an intermittent on these beasts. " Click image for larger view.
John uploaded new docs to the UNIVAC 1219 document library (sort by date). He says: "Attached are two documents that describe how the Univac 1219 computer is used in the carrier landing system. I am still searching for other information about">... [ read more ]

Commodore CBM 8096

by billdeg
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Commodore CBM 8096 PET
The Commodore CBM 8096 is quite rare, an 8032 with a factory-installed 64K RAM expansion. Only the factory-installed 8000's have the special front plate. Click for larger view.
Commodore CBM 8096 PET
Here is a full view of the CBM 8096 running a test program. I recently purchased this computer from a local thrift shop. Click for larger view.
Commodore CBM 8096 PET
The RAM expansion was installed above the">... [ read more ]

WiFi232 Modem

by billdeg
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Updated: [ AT&T 6300 Takes a Turn ] 06/12/2017
WIFI232 Modem attached to DEC Rainbow Comm Port.
Pictured is a new product called the WIFI232 Modem, by Paul Rickards. The modem is attached to the Comm port of a DEC Rainbow while in terminal mode. Enter AT modem commands to simulate modem communications via telnet. You can "dial up" telnet BBS's with this device by entering the domain after the ATDT command. Click image for larger view.
DEC Rainbow telnet session
DEC Rainbow telnet session is initiated by using AT modem commands to "dial" telnet BBS' such as Area 29, pictured abo">... [ read more ]

Soltoff IBM 5150 with AST HotShot/286

by billdeg
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AST HotShot/286 upgrade board. To install one would remove the 8088 chip from the motherboard and replace with the small controller card with embedded 8088 installed. From this card a cable runs to the HotShot/286 board, with i286 processor. The negative to this arrangement is that the 286 processor is on the ISA bus. Click image to see this set
Many years ago LDOS creator Roy Soltoff gave me an IBM PC model 5150-B. Both hard drives were marginal and eventually went completely dead. Roy's computer contained an AST HotShot/286 card so I thought it was worth backing up his files and putting in a new hard drive. The drives were too far gone, but I was able to use the Seagate ST11R drive contro">... [ read more ]

Core Memory

by billdeg
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Updated: [ Early 1024 Rectangular Sense Core ] 06/07/2017
Core Memory rectangular enclosure
Hand-threaded rectangular core memory enclosure after cleaning and straightening wirewrap pins. Imagine you're looking at the edges of a set of cores stacked on top of each other within this enclosure. The backplane of wires you see is the "loop around" side of each core plane wire. The outside of the frame. Click image for larger view.
Core Memory rectangular enclosure
This false-color closeup shows how the pins used to hold the wirewrap in place have been bent. Note actual memory magnets are inside">... [ read more ]

Commodore WordPro 4 Plus

by billdeg
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Commodore 8032 PET WordPro 4 Plus Software
The WordPro 4 Plus cover is a lot more interesting than the manual. Click for larger view.
">... [ read more ]
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