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1993 Compaq Deskpro 5/60M


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  1993 Compaq Deskpro 5/60M by Bill Degnan - 06/16/2015 18:32
1993 Compaq Deskpro 5/60M Pentium Computer
The unassuming Compaq Deskpro 5/60M computer is considered one of the first commercially-sold desktop computers with an Intel Pentium processor. Click for larger view.

EISA qVGA card
Pictured is a rare Compaq QVGA EISA video card. These were at the time Cadillac VGA cards, a good match for the system. The QVision VGA cards also appeared in AlphaServers. Click for larger view.

And here she is....The Compaq 5/60M 128-bit interface EISA expansion board with the Pentium processor (behind the heat sink). Compaq put the processor on a controller card in order to use existing 486 hardware. It would be a while before most Pentium systems were regularly built from the ground up with a Pentium on the motherboard.

This machine has been a minor "holy grail" of mine in that it is the first commercial desktop Pentium that I can identify, sold prior to July 1993. I believe 5/60 and 5/66 were simultaneously launched ~ May 1993. The 5/60M model was an "unobtainium" machine then, they cost $9,000 and up when new and as a result few exist today. A true "dream machine" from 1993 and worth recognition as a historic computer from its vintage era. The QVGA graphic card is pretty sweet as well for 486 era systems....

More photos

Note: A few Pentium servers may have been sold before May 1993. I have articles that discuss this but most manufacturers seem to have launched their Pentium products at or around May-Aug 1993 for actual launch(?) Will do more research. The Compaq is not the first Pentium with the chip installed on the motherboard...guess which one that was???

  Restoration progress by Bill Degnan - 06/17/2015 00:57
System arrived without a hard drive. Located a vintage 1995 drive and installed without incident. System is now sporting DOS 6.2 I think I will install OS/2 v 2.1 as this seems about the right version for the machine, Windows 3.1 seems like a waste! Or, maybe a flavor of UNIX, not sure. I plan to post some related articles about early Pentium development when I get the chance.



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