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S-100 Buffered Prototype Board


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  S-100 Buffered Prototype Board by John Monahan - 10/22/2009 12:24
Andrew Lynch and I have just completed the layout of a new S-100
Prototype Board that is designed to help take away the initial drugery
of building S-100 prototype boards. We have laid out the board so all
the address and data lines are buffered through 74LS245's or
74LS244's. Most of the common S-100 bus control and status signals are
also buffered. So the user can right away get down to building useful
circuits without the bus connection/IC overhead. Also the board is
arranged so a daughter piggyback (no S-100) board can be attached via
a series of connectors. This way you can have cheap simple test boards
made before you "burn" your own real (more expensive) S-100 board.
Currently we are getting 10 of these boards made for ourselves. If
there is a strong demand we could possibly do more for others. We
don't have an exact price yet but it should be south of $50/board. If
you have a real interst in a board(s) let me know. If we send out
boards, they will come with absolutly no warrenty or instructions.
Only a schematic which can be seen here is supplied. Nite these will be bare boards. You add your own chips etc.


  I/O board by Bill Degnan - 10/23/2009 22:49
I would love to have a configurable I/O board that I can adjust without soldering jumpers to match the needs of whatever S-100 system I am testing and the PROM space used, ports, etc. I am not skilled enough to make such a thing, but I bet this card would help get one started more quickly. Hope it works out for you.



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