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ASR33 Update - Printing

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  by Bill Degnan - 10/25/2009 07:16
The Teletype ASR33 Printout of the SWTPC SKBUG monitor in papertape format. Each line beginning with S1 represents a line of papertape code.

I was able to get the printer parts working adequately, cleaned, and printing fairly evenly. The tops of some keys are not showing on the printout, but I believe I can fix this by slightly raising the print roller or lowering slightly where the keys strike the paper. I used "Goof Off" to clean out the inside of the piston that enters the dash pot. I think it was so gummed up that it was not sliding into place quickly enough. That seems to have fixed the problem described above with the first few characters not spacing correctly. I also adjusted the piston alignment slightly.

Next - fix the typewriter. The keys work, but the "0" key sticks and I often have to pull it out of its socket to print "00". I also have to get the CTRL key to sit straighter in the housing, and the BREAK key is not lining up correctly.

The Teletype ASR 33 with the cover removed.



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