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Sun Sparcstation 10

by billdeg
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Sun Sparcstation 10
Cover removed to show the motherboard and attached componets of the Sun Sparcstation 10. Note ROSS processor upgrade and TurboXGX display card. Click image for larger view.
Sun Sparcstation 10
This SCSI to SD adapter serves as hard drive. A lot faster and more reliable. Click image for larger view.
Installed an SD to SCSI drive and Jon Chapman (glitchworks) installed onto that Sun OS Release 4.1.4 from the internal CD drive (I think or external drive). Either way , it works. the only issue is that from the serial c">... [ read more ]

NeXTstation Turbo

by billdeg
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NeXT NeXTStation Turbo
The NeXTstation Turbo computer. The effort required to get this machine running was minimal. I was able to complete a usable network configuration within a few minutes. As with most NeXT systems it came installed with the NeXTStep version of Berkeley UNIX BSD, the grandfather of the MAC OS X. Click image for larger view.
NeXT NeXTStation Turbo
Here is a view of the motherboard, drives, and power supply. Click image for larger view.
">... [ read more ]

Object Photography

by billdeg
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An Atomic Instrument Company Model 111 computer tube module from the late 1950's early 60's. Click image for larger view.
Program drum for an IBM 29 card punch (and similar models) punch card machine. Click image for larger view.
SLT Logic module from an IBM 360 or 1800. Click image for larger view.
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NExT Cube Restoration

by billdeg
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NeXT N1000 Cube
The NeXT N1000 or "NeXT Cube" computer. Click image for larger view.
NeXT N1000 Cube
Here is a view of the NeXT Cube from the front with the chassis, optical drive and inner drive cover removed. The backplane is visible on the bottom with the motherboard (on it's side) and power supply (not visible) plugged into it. The system's internal full-height 5 1/4" hard drive sits unsecured upon the power supply, plugged into the motherboard from the back. The hard drive is an SCSI Seagate ST41200N. Click image for larger view.
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NextStation Color

by billdeg
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Updated: [ Replacing the Internal Battery ] 12/04/2017
NextStation Color System
The NextStation Color. Photo shows system while loading NextStep. Click image for larger view.
NextStation Color City
Pictured Next's Sound Box, an I/O port station. A separate box is necessary because the color workstation display does not have internal speakers like the monochrome display. The NS Color I/O cable attaches to the back of the computer on one end and on the other end the cable is s">... [ read more ]

Prevent VMS MULTINET SMTP Relay Hijacks

by billdeg
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Updated: [ Apply SMTP security to Vax 4000-200 ] 12/02/2017
A VAX with VMS 5 that uses the MULTINET TCP/IP stack is vulnerable to third-party SMTP relay hijacks by any Tom-BOT-and-Harry probing around for a port 25 SMTP server. Case in point, my MicroVAX 3100 exposed to the outside Internet would clog up with queued relay messages in a matter of hours putting me at risk of being flagged by my ISP (Comcast). As a result I could not keep the machine online for an extended period. I decided to see if I could solve the problem at the VMS or MULTINET stack level. Yes it would be easier to simply install a modern router or firewall solution but what fun would that be? Here is an example message from the queue: $ show queue /full 10 SMTP-RETURN SYSTEM 19 Holding until 2-DEC-2017 12:49 Submitted 2-DEC-2017 12:18 /FORM=DEFAULT /PARAM=("; Error sending MAIL command to">... [ read more ]

IBM DOS 3.30 on a Commodore BX700 CBM-II

by billdeg
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This stack of IEEE drives was used during testing of Michal Pleban's port of IBM DOS 3.30 to the CBM-II. Michal has a GITHUB page that explains how it works in detail but in short he created a PC compatibility layer that functions between the 8088 co-processor card on the CBM-II and the 6509 CPU on the main board. Click image for larger view.
I used a Zoom Floppy with an IEEE adapter added to build the disks using CBM Transfer. This was tricky, the s">... [ read more ]

Apple //GS (II GS) Battery

by billdeg
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Apple II // GS Battery
Pictured is the original 1/2 AA Lithum battery dated 1/8/1987. The voltage measured from the terminals was nearly 0. Although the battery was not leaking yet, eventually it will leak and if left unchecked ruin the motherboard. So I snipped it off, leaving the posts still attached and folded out of the way. Click image to view larger version of image.
Apple II // GS Battery
Snip, battery removed. If I used this computer a lot I might put in a new battery, but it's not necessary">... [ read more ]

Build a bootable RSX11/M on RL02 disk

by billdeg
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Updated: [ Adding PDP 11 Programming ] 11/14/2017
Scan of my cover of the Digital pdp11 RSX-11M Beginner's Guide manual.
RSX-11M Manuals http://wwcm.syn...0Manuals.html This thread describes how one might use simH on a $9.95 Next Thing Co CHIP to make an RL02 image of RSX11/M V 4.0 BL 32 (BASELINE). I got the how-to via web search and clues from CCTECH and simH user group members interested in the project. My case - For my PDP 11/40 I have no working EIS option card. (Otherwise I'd be using UNIX 6.) I already have RT11 running but I wanted to try RSX11. I was told that RSX11/M v.4.0 BL 3.2 is the newest OS version compatible with my system. Distribution media disk images for RSX11/M can be found in RL01 format but not RL02, so I had to first build one RL01 boot disk using 4 RL01s and then port to RL02. ... [ read more ]

Donner 3500 - an early portable computer

by billdeg
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Updated: [ Retro Thing Article ] 11/11/2017
The 1959 Donner 3500 portable analog computer. Click for larger image.
Pushing the exploration of portable computing one giant step farther (for me), here is a quick glimpse of the Donner 3500...My copy of the instruction manual was published in 1960, after Systron merged with Donner to form Systron-Donner Corporation. The manual depicts a Model 3500 with leather handles on the sides. The computer I have has metal handles on top, and I am unsure if this means it's an earlier model made before the merger or if the handles were added by the owner. Because they are symmetrical, I'd like to believe that they are factory/original handles. Also, this computer's serial number is 107, which also indicates an earlier version. Serial numbers can be deceiving however.">... [ read more ]

1996 Digital AlphaServer 2100 4/275

by billdeg
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Updated: [ Alpha Web Server ] 11/08/2017
Digital AlphaServer 2100 4/275
The Digital Equipment Corp AlphaServer 2100 series model 4/275. This AlphaServer is powered by an Alpha 21064A microprocessor. Features include a 275-MHz CPU with 4 Mbyte cache; Click image for larger view.
So far the system powers up, initializes and then fails to load an operating system. This machine would have been shipped with OpenVMS, Digital UNIX or Windows NT. Click image to see larger view.
M">... [ read more ]

Digital VAX 4000-200

by billdeg
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Updated: [ Updating User Disk Quota ] 11/06/2017
The Digital VAX 4000-200
The Digital VAX 4000-200. Click for larger image.
The Digital VAX 4000-200 SHOW DEV Output
The SHOW DEV Output. Click for larger image.
">... [ read more ]

Commodore VIC-21

by billdeg
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Commodore VIC-21
Yes there is such thing as a Commodore VIC-21. Pictured is the box. Click image for larger view.
http://ww...kb/secret/supervic.html">... [ read more ]

Digital DEC 3000/500

by billdeg
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Updated: [ Hacking in ] 10/28/2017
DEC 3000/500 with front and top cover removed.
DEC 3000/500 with front and top cover removed. Click image for more photos
Amazingly I have the cables, I will need to borrow a SGI or similar display as the VR241 I attempted was not able to synch with the display controller. I even have an old dirty mouse that should work with it.">... [ read more ]

Front Panels! (... but no computer)

by billdeg
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Updated: [ Photo of Varian 620L ] 10/23/2017
Varian Data Machines 620/L front panel
The Varian Data Machines 620/L Front Panel, circa 1970. Click image for larger view.
Burroughs B1700 front panel
Here is a early 1970's Burroughs B1700 Front Panel. Click image for larger view.
Unidentified DEC UNIBUS MASP panel.
Unidentified DEC UNIBUS MASP panel. Click image for larger view.
The following are not computer fr">... [ read more ]
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