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New ETKM 8800b Turnkey Monitor Found


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  New ETKM 8800b Turnkey Monitor Found by Bill Degnan - 04/25/2015 10:29
A few ROMs for the 8800 I have collected including a totally new to me "ETKM" Turnkey Monitor Program that is HEX, not octal based. I still need to take a look at it in a HEX editor so I can see what commands are available and learn more about what it does. So far I learned it has an E command as in
E 0000 - 0FFF (show me a dump of RAM from this range).

Stay tuned.

  ETKM = Vector Graphics Monitor by Bill Degnan - 08/23/2015 21:17
See thread about how to load BASIC using this monitor and how to download a (newer) manual for other commands (most apply to newer version).



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