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Video of Altair Playing Music


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  Video of Altair Playing Music by Bill Degnan - 05/06/2009 22:47
On page 6 and 7 of the Feb 1976 Dr. Dobb's Journal there is an article about using the Altair 8800 to make music by sending radio signals to a nearby AM radio. The article provides a program listing in octal, and the data for Fool on the Hill by the Beatles and Daisy (2001 Space Odyssey, etc.). To load the program just toggle in the program and data into the addresses suggested.

  Centre For Computing History Video by Bill Degnan - 11/09/2015 11:11
Email Request:
>> I found this site via your Altair video on youtube. I'm making a video
> about an altair in the Centre For Computing History in the UK and would
> like your permission to use a clip from your Altair video of your machine
> playing Fool on the Hill. Thanks in advance
>> Sean (Computerphile on YouTube)

Permission Granted! See video below (my machine is about 4 minutes in):



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