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Dan Roganti RIP


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  Dan Roganti RIP by Bill Degnan - 09/03/2018 12:33
Dan Roganti
Dan Roganti.

Dan lost his battle with cancer and we all lost a titan in the vintage computing community. Dan was one of the earliest members of MARCH. He taught me a great deal about S-100 and related hardware engineering. Dan attended all of the early hardware workshops I hosted at my house and we had many hours working into the night on a wide variety of systems including but not limited to the MITS Altair, IMSAI 8080, PET 2001, Heathkit EC-1, ASR 33 Teletypes, Apple II, and so on.

Dan Roganti doing what he did best.

Dan working with Crawford and Rich Cini at the CP/M workshop we ran back in 2010. Copies of his CP/M workshop materials are available upon request.

Loading TRS 80's into Dans van

Video Dan made spoofing my PDP 11/40 demo "toggle the lights"
(starts off normal but then at about 15 seconds...)



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