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RK11-D Installation


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  RK11-D Installation by Bill Degnan - 06/27/2017 23:14
Digital RK05 disk packs
Digital RK05 disk packs. Click image for larger view.

I have the RK05 card set and backplane RK11-D.


Cards and Backplane (minus UNIBUS cables):

RK11-D is a 4-card backplane

RK11-D RK05 Disk Controller
M7254 Status Control
M7255 Disk Control
M7256 Registers
M7257 Bus Control

  RK05-D Wirewrap Backplane by Bill Degnan - 08/06/2017 23:13
RK11 Backplane Label
I traded for an RK11 backplane and the controller cards. Here is the backplane.

RK11 Backplane Label
View of RK11-D backplane wirewrap pins, some pins were bent and were straightened after this photo was taken. It's important that no wirewrap pins touch while the unit is in operation.

  Photos Installed RK05 by Bill Degnan - 10/23/2017 23:20
While visiting the Large-Scale Systems Museum in New Kensington (Pittsburgh), PA this weekend, Dave MacGuire was kind enough to open the PDP 11/05 that had the RK05 controller set installed. I took some useful card and cabling pictures with my phone camera:

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4

I also walked through the process of triaging an unknown-status RK05 drive with Matt Portoray. We discussed cleaning the foam, inspecting the drive head, powering up slowly with a Variac.

  RE: PDP 11/05 and RK05 power connectors by Bill Degnan - 08/31/2018 12:18
There is one 15 and one 6 pin power connector off the RK11 backplane. The PDP 11/05 NC style chassis does not have these, so you'd be better off with the PDP 11/05 S style (BA11-K) chassis if you want to install RK05 drives on your 11/05 system. The PDP 11/35 or 11/40 chassis has plenty of power ports, the RK05 would not be a problem for these.

I picked up a RK11 backplane in better shape, here is a photo of the two I own here. Not sure why the backplane wirewrap is different.



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