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Grumman C-8573 / ASA-79 Jet Computer

by billdeg - 02/08/2007
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I was given a Grumman C-8573 / ASA-79 Jet Computer a few months ago, and I decided to open it up to see what was inside. I was told...that this was the computer from an F14, but I was unsure exactly which generation. After a good hour I finally opened up the box to reveal mid-80's components, not late 60's early 70's. See for what I was hoping to find. oh well. Here are the raw images: Note that it's an IBM card cage. The chips are from the early to mid 80's. The historical equivalent to an early pentium/late 486 ... I will come back to this. If anyone wants this unit, let me know. It's not really in my area of interest.... [ read more ]

Messing with External Disk Drives

by billdeg - 02/01/2007
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Me? I am working on some old disk drives, basically taking each one and testing on a RadioShack Coco II with a 502 FD cart/adapter. I have about 10 external (self powered) DD 5 1/4" disk drives that I nurse along. They are used for TRS 80 Model 1's with the expansion interface and a DD controller, plus anything newer from RadioShack. It's good to pull them out and test every year to keep them limber. The reason I was using the Coco II and 502 FD cart is to take advantage of the enhanced basic command set disk commands. The most prized drives of this group is a set of ancient Percom drives (drive 0 and 1). I am glad to report that I was able to revive the previously dead Percom drive 0 tonight. Ah simple pleasures. Here are some commands that I used, if anyone is interested: dskini0 (format a disk in drive 0) copy "test.bas:0" to "test.bas:1" (copy a file from drive 0 t... [ read more ]

Cottonwood BBS

by billdeg - 01/02/2007
Total messages in this thread: 1 +1 (951)242-3593 Located in Moreno Valley, California, USA. Operating 24 hours a day, at 300/1200/2400 baud. Running on a Commodore 64 with All American BBS The only remaining dial-up BBS run on a Commodore 64 in the world! Using the following I was able to connect to Cottonwood: C 128 w/ Jiffy DOS C 1541/1571/1581's Terminal suite: "EAGLETERM" (in C 64 Mode) Commodore 1670 1200b modem I am user #6, "billdeg" ... [ read more ]

Who is maintaining a boot disk archive?

by billdeg - 12/30/2006
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This topic came up in my local vintage computer club (see: ) and I thought that I would expand the conversation to this forum too... Who is maintaining a boot disk archive currently? I have read about the lack of these resources in various circles, although there are some limited sources spread around. Here is my definition of a boot disk archive: 1) A person goes to a central location to review a comprehensive list of all boot disks available in the archive 2) The person scans the list and then contacts the library/archivist to request a copy of the diskette(s) 3) The archivist acts as a go-between for the requestor, and contacts the person(s) who have agreed to burn a copy of the requested boot disk 4) In one form or another the requestor gets confirmation and an address to send a SASE containing a blank diskette of the required media. 5... [ read more ]

Dbase II on Commodore BX700

by billdeg - 12/22/2006
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I have a prototype Commodore BX700 with a 8088 co-processor card. This gives me the ability to run CP/M and early MS DOS 1.25-compatible applications. They are ported over to the B using Move It, a communications program. You also need a Fast Bus cartridge. I will write more about this soon, but for now, here is a pic of Dbase II for CP/M 86. http://www.vintag.../bx700/B700_dbaseII.JPG... [ read more ]

Commodore B Series Available

by Drtire - 12/12/2006
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I have 2 sets of B-128's with external dual drives, numerous programs from C-bug as well as Supercalc, Superbase, etc., manuals for all, many programs for the units. These units are the keyboard/cpu set up with external monitor and drives. I believe I have at least one of the monitors however I haven’t been able too locate it. These were used for a number of years in my business and was stored away when I upgraded to PCs. I would like to sell them but have no Idea what to charge for them. They were operating perfectly when I took them out of service approximately 10-15 years ago. Please contact me if anyone has any interest in these items as I would like to find them a good home before I toss them in the recylce bin at the Landfill. I cut my teeth with these computers and they deserve to be saved. They were something else for their time. Don Correia, Drtir... [ read more ]

Northstar Horizon S-100 Computer

by billdeg - 09/19/2006
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Last Post: [ Northstar Horizon Games Wanted ] 11/29/2006
Picked up this system, plenty of manuals and Teleray monitor. As yet untested... [ read more ]

Did Robots Take Over?

by billdeg - 11/19/2006
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On my way to the Vintage Computer Festival 9.0 I stopped into a small antique store and found a copy of Science and Mechanics Magazine February 1963 with a post-war sci-fi-looking robot on the cover. In an era where computer-controlled robots was still science fiction, this article provides a glimpse of one author's view about the future of robot technology. Did robots take over? I don't think so.... [ read more ]

Tandy 1000 HX

by billdeg - 11/13/2006
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Dual drive model. Boots to internal ROM: MS DOS 2.11 and "Personal DeskMate" application. Picture of Tanday 1000 HX... [ read more ]

Volscan - first desktop with a GUI?

by billdeg - 10/29/2006
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Read entire story After reading the July 1954 Radio-Electronics article by Angie Pascale titled "Volscan Speeds Up Air Traffic" could the Volscan console and light gun be the first desktop GUI to a computer?... [ read more ]

Looking for Commodore PAL monitor

by billdeg - 10/23/2006
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I am Looking for Commodore PAL monitor in the USA East Coast if possible.... [ read more ]

Using ST-225 HD in CBM D9090 Drive

by billdeg - 09/30/2006
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Last Post: [ Working D9090 owner's club .... ] 04/14/2009
More on the Commdore D9090 hard drive with pics: http://www.vintag...ives/D9090_sn3674/ I have given up trying to find a 6-head Tandon 603s, and I decided to use a 4-head ST-225 because they are easier to find. I used a B-128 to format the drive. 1) On the controller (top) I snipped J14 jumper to make the D9090 think it was a D9060. This modification is necessary because the D9090 controller is set to use a 6-head drive. Clipping J14 converts the controller into a de-facto D9060 which expects a 4 head drive. The D9060 came with Tandon 602s. 2) I removed the Tandon 603s hard drive that originally came with the drive, reassembled w/o cover. 3) ran a quick test to be sure that the drive was put back together safely: > ?ds$ [enter] 73, CBM DOS 3.0.0 etc 4) I used the following command: >header "degnan",d0,i01 [enter] Are you sure?... [ read more ]

Ken's Number Cruncher - S-100 bus 6502!

by billdeg - 09/23/2006
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Took pictures before trading to J Rubin. It's a beautifully crafted homebrew system using a Vector VP-2 S-100 bus chassis. 6502 Processor-based system for interfacing with KIM Computer. Waiting for J Rubin to publish more info on this system.... [ read more ]

My B Series Software

by billdeg - 09/05/2006
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Name/Intended System/Manuf Calc Result 700BX Handic Word Result 700BX Handic General Ledger 8032 Info Designs Payroll 8032 Info Designs Accounts Payable 8032 Info Designs Accounts Receivable 8032 Info Designs Inventory 8032 Info Designs Accounts Payable B Series Commodore General Ledger B Series Commodore Order Entry B Series Commodore Payroll B Series Commodore Accounts Receivable B Series Commodore Payroll 8050 drive BPI Systems Job Cost 8050 drive BPI Systems Accounts Payable 8050 drive BPI Systems Superbase B-128 Commodore Superbase II B-128 Commodore Superscript B-128 Commodore Superscript II B-128 Commodore SuperOffice B-128 Commodore... [ read more ]

11 MB ZIP Commodore D64 Images

by Ruud - 07/16/2006
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Last Post: [ 11 MB ZIP Commodore D64 Images ] 10/27/2006
http://www.vintagecomput.../64/baltissen/ Hallo allemaal, Bill is so kind to host a ZIP file with mostly D64 images. These images contain software published by various magasines like TPUG, Cursor and PBE. The last is a Dutch one so lot of these floppies will contain Dutch programs. FYI, the word 'inhoud' means 'contents'. have fun with it !!! -- ___ / __|__ / / |_/ Groetjes, Ruud \__|_ \___| [ read more ]
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