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BBS and communications D64 format

by billdeg - 02/12/2008
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The Commodore 64/128 BBS and Comms program files directory has been moved, and a new BBS program has been added: ARB BBS 2.0 BBS and Comms Programs Here I have more to upload, requests taken here.... [ read more ]

CBM MS DOS 1.25 Available

by billdeg - 02/08/2008
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MS DOS 1.25 was sent to Commodore for use with their B Series systems with a 8088 co-processor board. There were few if any systems sold with the co-processor board, but a few do exist, including the one in my possession. I have found a way to migrate a copy here it is: Download MS DOS 1.25 for CBM B-256X and CBM-128X If anyone has a Commodore B with an 8088 co-processor download this file and let me know if it works. (Or just contact me for a disk copy) I have also uploaded some useful programs for any B series with an 8050 or SFD-1001 drive attached: Download B utilities here Here's how I would restore, you'll doubtless have different hardware, but... 1. Download the files to a formatted to 720K IBM diskette BOOTMS.PRG MSDOS.PRG If they get renamed along... [ read more ]

Vintage Computing: a 1983 perspective

by billdeg - 02/08/2008
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FROM THE PRESIDENT by STEPHEN A. LONGO The Philadephia Area Computer Society, PACS, was founded in June 1976 by Dick Moberg. The Society was formed ...for the purpose of education and Intercommunication among computer users In the Greater Philadelphia area, and to inform the general public concerning computer technology and its Implications for the future. Membership is open to all persons interested in any aspect of computer arts and science..." (PACS charter). The meetings are on the third Saturday of the month. Except for the first couple of meetings, the monthly meetings have been held at LaSalle College. There are presently over one thousand members, many who are actively involved in more than one of the more than dozen special interest groups, SIGs. The SIGs represent all the major ha... [ read more ]

Commodore 1541 IDE Hacking

by billdeg - 02/08/2008
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I am *attempting* to build an IDE hard drive interface for the Commodore 1541 disk drive based on Jim Brain's schematics: I have started assembling the board components. The project is the result of a discussion in the cbm-hackers user group. Here is where I am so far: Pics... [ read more ]

Interview - Commodore Free Magazine

by billdeg - 02/01/2008
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Bill Degnan Interview (near the middle)... [ read more ]

TRS-80 FP-215 Plotter

by billdeg - 01/25/2008
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One of the first plotters for a micro computer. There is not much info about this plotter, I look forward to experimenting with it once I finish with the Stringy Floppy project. TRS-80 FP-215 Plotter pictures... [ read more ]

IBM General Purpose Bus Adapter

by billdeg - 01/25/2008
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I have a new project planned, to experiment with an IBM XT, a Micro Computer Systems IEEE hard drive, and an IBM General Purpose Bus Adapter and software. The parts were borrowed from the University of Delaware Computer History Museum Project. For now pics of IEEE kit for IBM PC... [ read more ]

S-100 RAM Cards

by billdeg - 01/01/2008
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Last Post: [ 32K Continuous RAM ] 01/25/2008
I have gotten more confident with my ability to conclusively test various s-100 RAM cards, allocate programs to specific locations, change memory values, etc using my IMSAI. I can also assign the memory pages (0000-1000, 1000-2000, etc.) so that there can be more than one RAM card installed without conflict. I have installed 32K into the IMSAI. As I identify good RAM cards, I can put some into the SOL-20 I also have on the table. I have a small pile or RAM cards that I have accumulated from various places. I also soldered up a cassette cable for the IMSAI. I broke down and bought a new Radio Shack tape recorder so that I can count on a reliable drive when testing cassettes on an S-100 system. I have some Altair BASIC tapes that I want to load. After that I plan to attempt a Micropolis controller card and 2 or 3 compatible disk drive. The Micropolis cards... [ read more ]

1973 Tech Pictures

by billdeg - 01/25/2008
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------------------------------ Message: 10 Date: Fri, 25 Jan 2008 16:15:30 +0100 From: "pichotjm" Subject: I propose to make the journey in 1973... To: Message-ID: <003901c85f65$1fd07570$2601a8c0@JM3800> Content-Type: text/plain; format=flowed; charset="iso-8859-1"; reply-type=original I had the opportunity to conduct a series of photographs when I participated in the fair 'Le Bourget' in 1973. You will see about 200 original pictures of displays, keyboards, computer terminals, cameras, radar displays, screen shots of weather, tactical, electric power plant, road traffic, and 8 american or soviet satellites. The visit is here: The root address will lead you in early computers... (1954 to 1975) Enjoy! JMP ... [ read more ]

Byte BYT-8 S-100 Computer

by billdeg - 01/24/2008
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Pictures of my Byte BYT-8... [ read more ]

Exatron Stringy Floppy Update

by billdeg - 12/24/2007
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Last Post: [ Belt Replacement Exatron Stringy Floppy ] 01/23/2008
I have found a vendor for drive belts, and I have mailed out a snapped belt for analysis. The company is called Pyramid. I will post an update when available. I have four drives that need belts, and about 100 stringy floppies to read.... [ read more ]

64 and 256K DRAM Testing Service

by billdeg - 01/11/2008
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I have a RAMCHECK brand 64Kb / 256Kb DRAM chip tester...if anyone needs a chip tested, let me know. You send me the chips and I return then in whatever you sent them. The price/trade is negotiable. Limited time offer. Contact me if interested. 16 pins - here are some examples: 64K: 4164 8164 4164C 3764 4264 4164 4864 256K: 4256 81256 6256 41256 1256 0256 4257 (nibble mode) 81257 41257 50257 ... [ read more ]

TM990/101 M

by billdeg - 06/06/2006
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Last Post: [ FAO Richard Lynch (was TM990/101 M) ] 01/19/2008
I have a TI chassis I have been unable to locate documentation. Can anyone help shed some light on the following. .? The card chassis: Within a Steel 4-slot Texas Instruments card chassis the size of a shoe box are four Texas Instruments cards manufactured in the US. These cards resemble a regular s-100 card but the 100 contacts are off center, to the left when viewing the component side with the 100 pin side down. Printed on the chassis is Assy No. is 0994676-0001 and Diag No. 0394677. I do not have a power supply, but I assume you'd attach to terminals on the back of the chassis somehow (?). Inside are 4 cards. Two cards are similar are RAM/EPROM cards with 32K in each (8 x 4 rows I assume = 32K?). The RAM is a mix of TMS 4045-30NL, TMS 4045-30, and TMS 4014NL. There are no Eproms installed, but there are two rows of empty slots on the card. Each card has 8 dip switches. ... [ read more ]

Replacing an Apple III Power Supply

by billdeg - 10/24/2007
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Last Post: [ Replaced Power Supply ] 01/08/2008
Received an Apple III not powering up. Noticed that the fuse appeared to be blown. It's a 5mf 2 3/4 A fuse about 3/4" tall. Confirmed that this the correct fuse. Bought replacement fuse, that one popped too...must be a bad power supply...... [ read more ]

Chuck Peddle Vintage Computer Festival

by billdeg - 01/07/2008
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Chuck Peddle Speaks at the the Vintage Computer Festival East 2007 http://www.march...rding4.htm Streaming audio by ?? (someone tell me, I remember the face but not the name.)... [ read more ]
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