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For-Sale Thread
  by Bill Degnan - 07/06/2015 14:11
NOTE: date of thread = the last update date. Note there are some old specific item for-sale threads on this site. If they're not linked from here, they're probably expired/sold.

MITS Altair 8800b Turnkey disk drive controllers and cables, RAM, CPU boards, more!

Computer Products Co DEC-compatible logic boards later 70's early 80's era stuff

Digital Equipment Co PDP 11/44 era logic boards (A lot is already sold, but feel free to inquire.)

Every mag Sept 1975- Feb 1983, and 1986. Random issues from middle years until 1992. SOLD!

Mostly Commodore and Tandy stuff here

History of Commodore Poster

Contact me if you have a specific request.