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Setting Up OpenVMS 7.1 DNS CLERK

by billdeg - 06/06/2016
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DNS Clerk Manage namespace and clearinghouse characteristics for the DIGITAL Distributed Name Service (DECdns) clerk. dns clerk, known namespace, manual nameserver , remote clearinghouse I believe you set DNS using BIND in OPenVMS...checking stand With">by.,.. http://labs.ho...node/1533 "..With TCP/IP Services V5.0 and later, invoke the configuration tool: $ @SYS$MANAGER:TCPIP$CONFIG.COM With TCP/IP Services versions prior to V5.0, invoke the configuration tool: $ @SYS$MANAGER:UCX$CONFIG.COM You will want to select the so-called core environments configuration menus within the configuration tool to access the host name and the IP address(es) assigned to the network controllers, or to change the IP domain or subdomain for the host. If you are using DNS, you will want to coordinate the host name change with the organization maintaining your DNS ser... [ read more ]

Telnet host list

by billdeg - 06/02/2016
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This thread contains public Internet telnet hosts that can be accessed from vintage devices with limited graphics. --Thread date equal to last edit date.-- Sands of Time / Deep Space MMO This is a text-only adventure game with multiple players in real time. ... [ read more ]

Raytheon VT302 Computer

by billdeg - 11/16/2008
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Last Post: [ Former owner experience ] 05/31/2016
Little is known about the Raytheon VT302 office computer. I was able to boot the communications disk that came with it. I also took it apart and took pictures. I was surprised to find that this is an 8085 CPU computer. Very rare. I have the manual to the earlier version of this system, with cassette storage. Note the interesting controls on the Raytheon display. What's next? I would like to image the one working diskette, and possibly recover what appears to be the system disk. Raytheon VT302 pictures... [ read more ]

PDP 11/40 72 inch cabinet model

by billdeg - 04/06/2015
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Last Post: [ re-assembly and power ] 05/12/2016
For lack of a better name, I will refer to this PDP 11/40 as the "full height" or 72" cage system to differentiate it from the others I am working on. The PDP 11/40 front panel and card cage chassis is located at the top of the 72" cabinet. This photo was taken before the unit was cleaned up. Click image for larger view.
PDP 11/40 core memory
Note the H and G modules of a core memory system. These cards are from the top chassis. Click image for larger view.
[ read more ]

Mac 128K with SAD MAC error 041800

by billdeg - 09/13/2007
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Last Post: [ Flattened Horizontal ] 04/27/2016
yes, but what does 041800 mean exactly? which chip or section is bad? 04 = class code = memory test mod 3 1800 = chip identification codes, in binary combination 1000 is bit 12, chip G9 0800 is bit 11, chip G8 Need two 4264 chips, to replace G9 and G8. Thanks Herb.... [ read more ]

Digital VAX 4000-200

by billdeg - 04/27/2015
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Last Post: [ DECnet ] 04/24/2016
The Digital VAX 4000-200
The Digital VAX 4000-200. Click for larger image.
The Digital VAX 4000-200 SHOW DEV Output
The SHOW DEV Output. Click for larger image.
... [ read more ]

Vintage Computer Festival East XI

by billdeg - 04/18/2016
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Bill Degnan DEC MicroVAX 3100 VCF East 2016
Here I am next to my DEC MicroVAX 3100 display. I also brought the VAX 4000-200, VT100 and VT220 terminals, a Toshiba T3200SX, and a Zenith minisPORT. Click image for larger view.
Jump to All Photos I have exhibited at VCF East since the first one (VCF 3) in N.J. I always have a great time and I really admire the job Evan and the team did to put this together. The speakers were top notch. I got to each dinner with Ted Nelson and we chatted about computer history and what he was up to today. I'll follow up with some of those details, but for now, here are more photos: Cyclops...<strong> <a href=[ read more ]

Processor Tech 3P + S ASR 33 Jumpers

by billdeg - 04/01/2016
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Processot Tech 3P+S ASR 33 Jumpers
The front view of the Processor Technologies 3P+S I/O S-100 card, used by early S-100 systems such as the Altair and IMSAI. This card is wired and jumpered for use with the Teletype ASR 33.
More photos... [ read more ]

Honeywell H316 Kitchen Computer

by billdeg - 03/15/2016
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Honeywell H316 Kitchen Computer and H516
Back cover of the Honeywell H316 General Purpose Digital Computer Operators Guide. May 1969. This guide also covers the 516 models. Click image for larger view.
So anyway, I have the manual, someone please send me the computer. I will pay shipping. NOTE - if this manual is not available elsewhere let me know, I did not see it on Honeywell has the nicest manual photos. ... [ read more ]

Process Computer Systems, Inc.

by billdeg - 03/07/2016
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The Bennett Computerized Marketing System was among the early point of sale systems with an integrated microprocessor. PCS apparently made the computer board as a subcontractor or partner in the project. The Bennett brochure cover photo above shows the Computerized Marketing System installed into a gas pump with back-end control terminal. Click image for larger view.
Prior to the introduction of microprocessors "point of sale terminals" such as gas pumps were either electro-mechanical teletype-like devices or if there was "computing" it would have been done by batch process, remotely. I am not sure which microprocessor was used in the Bennett, but I'd guess it was an Intel 8080 or maybe an 8008 because that's wha... [ read more ]

Commodore B Series SID Jukebox?

by billdeg - 03/05/2016
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Commodore B-128 with uIEC SD card drive
Commdoore B-128 reading off a uIEC SD card disk drive. Ah modern conveniences. Click for larger image.
SD card directory uIEC card
Directory listing of the SD card in the uIEC drive. These are files I use with my C-64, they are not compatible to run on the B-128, but the point was to make the connection. I was able to load and run 10TO8.PRG which re-assigns the drive number.
This thread will document my efforts to turn a Commodore B-128 into a SID jukebox. The B-128 has a SID chip just like the C-64 with the big difference bei... [ read more ]

Dell Dimension XPS 466V

by billdeg - 01/18/2016
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Last Post: [ We've come full circle ] 03/02/2016
Dell Dimension XPS 466V
The 1993 Dell Dimension XPS 466V was one of the nicer 486 gaming machines built before the Pentium era. Click for larger view.
This computer needs a real time clock battery (CMOS). Currently one has to run Setup for each cold boot. This system has two Caviar model 2340 341 Mb hard drives. I installed a 1.2Mb 5 1/4" disk drive for utility purposes and I may add a CD ROM in the remaining open slot below the 1.44Mb 3.5 inch disk dive in the middle bay. Dell Dimension 66 mHZ 486 CPU...<strong> <a href=[ read more ]

Wes Clark of DEC fame Dead @ 88

by billdeg - 02/23/2016
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http://www.techrepublic....neer-dies-at-88/ Wes worked with Ken Olson founder of Digital Equipment Corp, and I think he designed a modified version of the IBM TX-0 to serve as a stand-alone system which then inspired Ken Olson to design the PDP 1. He also kept it going with DEC and worked on the LINC system, etc. A true minicomputer pioneer.... [ read more ]

January 2016 VCFed Workshop

by billdeg - 02/02/2016
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A typical workshop workstation complete with Red Bull and pizza boxes in the background. This set up was used to test, diagnose, and repair Commodore 1541 disk drives. I volunteered to lend a hand to restore a large collection of unknown-status drives owned by the "Vintage Computer Federation." click image for larger view.
Saturday: The computer club I helped establish in 2005, formerly known as MARCH, has now become the Vintage Computer Federation, a non-profit 501C, etc. VCFed has adopted my workshops concept and now includes them as a regular feature in their event calendar. I must admit it's easier than having everyone over at my long live the VCFe... [ read more ]

DEC Information Request Reply Card

by billdeg - 02/01/2016
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Digital Information Request Reply Card
If you're considering a PDP 8/I, 8/L, PDP-9, PDP-10, PDP-12, Linc-8 and so on...send in this card! Click image to download PDF.
I tried calling but no one was there. They kept saying "Hello Hewlett Packard", but we all know that HP makes 2000 series mini's I must have gotten the wrong number... Digital Information Request Reply Card
Free postage, what a class act.
Card is from circa 1968 or early 1969.... [ read more ]
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