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Micro World Sept. 1976

by billdeg - 02/26/2009
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"A Computer Newsletter for the East Coast" (USA)
Click image for PDF to download. This is a home-brew 'zine (note spelling "intorductory") example probably included in the goody bags of registrants to the Personal Computing 76 Consumer Trade Fair in Atlantic City, NJ. The event was August 28 and 29, 1976.
... [ read more ]

Heathkit EC-1 Analog Computer

by billdeg - 02/26/2009
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This is the oldest complete computer in my inventory.
The 1960 Heathkit EC-1 is one of the first desktop computers. This is an analog computer with no RAM and whose display is an oscilloscope.

I will post more information about this system once I finish reading the manuals and testing the connections, etc. In the mean time, here are some pictures.... [ read more ]

ROM Computer Applications for Living

by billdeg - 02/26/2009
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ROM Computer Applications for Living was a short-lived magazine in the later 70's. This issue has an interesting article by Ted Nelson about the development of computer screen technology titled The Art of the Computer Screen. Nothing says "hi-tech" like needlepoint, right?
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by billdeg - 02/21/2009
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Artist's rendering of the XEROX Dynabook notebook computer.
From the People's Computer Company May 1976 newsletter: "..We've been hearing about the Dynabook fantasy for a long time. Below are some excerpts from the recently published report on the Dynabook project, entitled "Personal Dynamic Media" by the Learnmg Research Group, Xerox Palo Alto Research Center. .." Click to download PDF of this article... [ read more ] references

by billdeg - 02/20/2009
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10 steps in the evolution of portable computing Note some of the pictured systems were supplied by, as well as frieds Evan Koblentz (Pres MARCH) and Erik Klein ( [ read more ]

PACS Speaking Engagement

by billdeg - 02/18/2009
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May 16, 2009 - Vintage Computing: How the Evolution of Microcomputing Influenced PACS with Bill Degnan [ read more ]

Epson PX-8 Video on

by billdeg - 02/15/2009
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For your viewing pleasure, here is a short stock footage movie of Kelcey using an Epson PX-8 laptop computer: http://www....atch?v=A_6Q7PNd1p8 I received this info from Jan who runs a web site dedicated to the Epson PX-8/Geneva http://www....raan/comp/px8/ H101A (CODE AA) Geneva US keyboard H101A (CODE AC) PX-8 US keyboard H101A (CODE UA) PX-8 UK keyboard I can only speculate why my version has no label, but if I were to guess, I believe the LCD is a replacement screen. I am guessing that there was just one pool of replacement screens, and they did not get the "Geneva" or "PX-8" labels because it was not known whether the screen was being shipped to the US, UK, Japan, or elsewhere. Just a hunch. ... [ read more ]

California Computer Systems Series 2200

by billdeg - 02/13/2007
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Last Post: [ Bootstrap Loader DJ/DMA ] 02/11/2009
The CCS Series 2200 Mainframe with Jade Controller, 64K RAM, Bitstreamer II, and Morrow drive controller.
More Pictures... [ read more ]

Compaq Contura 4/25c

by billdeg - 02/09/2009
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The Compaq Contura 425c. Note that the pointing device for this laptop was a detachable trackball mouse, which allowed for a larger keyboard. There is a spring that is used to clamp the trackball to the side of the keyboard on the side front.
The Compaq Contura 4/25c is a 486 laptop that I used to support when I worked at Zeneca in the early 1990's. The Contura was a lighter-weight Compaq laptop of the early 1990s. I received this computer with Windows 95 installed, but it would have come with Windows 3.1. I tested the modem and it worked. The battery needs to be replaced, it would not hold a charge. Pictures... [ read more ]

RetroChallenge 2009 - Apple II Biorhythm

by billdeg - 01/26/2009
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Last Post: [ And the Winner Is... ] 02/08/2009
I signed up for the 2009 RetroChallenge http://r.../winter/news.html href="/apple/appleII/appleII_display_graph.jpg">
Apple II with Apple disk drives and Sony Trinitron color television. Note Biorhythm program running on display. Click thumbnail for larger image.
THE PROJECT: Write a Y2K-compliant Biorhythm program on and for the original Apple II computer, using a vintage color TV. Here is the Biorhythm video: http://www.youtu...tch?v=jYoY1cwAd90 href="/apple/appleII/">Apple II and Biorhythm Photographs NOTES: In order to run the program as intended, load Biorhythm on an Apple II 16K through a television by using one of the special RF signal generators made for the Apple I... [ read more ]


by billdeg - 01/30/2009
Total messages in this thread: 1 chicks and vintage computers.... [ read more ]

MITS Software Agreement

by billdeg - 01/17/2009
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MITS Software Agreement... [ read more ]

Lanier Word Processor Model 103

by billdeg - 01/10/2009
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Last Post: [ possible trade ] 05/23/2010
The Lanier Model 103 Word Processor / Computer
The University of Delaware received a Lanier Model 103 Word Processor / Computer as a donation. As you can see it's in pretty bad shape, but it may be at least partially restorable. I have not done much with it, other than open it up for a visual inspection. There's an 8080 processor on the disk drive control board. More pictures... [ read more ]

Malvern Particle Sizer - CBM 8296 OEM

by billdeg - 01/10/2009
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Last Post: [ PLA Replacement Malvern CBM 8296 ] 01/11/2009
I have re-started the restoration of the Malvern "Particle Sizer" a CBM 8296 OEM unit from an earlier thread. This is no normal 8296, it looks more like a squashed 8032. In addition to the strangeness of the chassis (compared with the normal 8296), this computer has a daughter board for Co-ax communications and/or particle sizing? with an end port similar to an IBM PC. The true origins of this OEM system is proven by the 8296 label, motherboard part number 324645, and a single internal SFD-1001 drive. Note that since some of these pictures were taken a few years ago I have fixed up some of the dangling bits. Ignore the file date... [ read more ]

S-100 board testing with Z-80 ICE

by billdeg - 12/20/2008
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Last Post: [ ICE and RAM may vary in compatibility ] 01/09/2009
I just finished testing a Cromemco 64KZ RAM board. I did this by using Bob Grieb's Z80 ICE, which is made to be plugged into the Z80 slot of computer or controller card. Bob created his own "PIC-based circuit that could emulate a Z80 for displaying memory, writing to I/O ports, etc. as an aid to troubleshooting..." Bob's modern version is based on the Nicolet Paratronics Z80 emulator called the Z80 NICE. I am fortunate to have been given a beta version of this device to test. I inserted his Z80 ICE into a Jade CPU card, which is installed in my California Computer Systems 2200 Series S-100 computer. Using the ICE I was able to determine that the JADE controller was working correctly. Next I tested 2 64K RAM cards a Cromemco 64KZ and a SMS 64K. The SMS was 100% OK, but not the Cromemco. H... [ read more ]
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