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DEC PDP 11/40 Project

by billdeg - 03/11/2008
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Last Post: [ Bootstrap RX02 drive to the PDP 11/40 ] 08/29/2010
This weekend my wife and I drove 1200 miles to pick up a working PDP 11/40, RL02 disk drive, and Decwriter II from A. Carder in South Carolina. He's an expert on the PDP 11/40 and runs this web site: Here are the initial pics before I started working. ... [ read more ]

Xerox 8010 Star

by billdeg - 11/13/2011
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Last Post: [ Xerox Star 8010 ] 02/27/2012
The XEROX model 8010 was known as the Xerox Star because that was the name of its application software. Before the Apple Lisa and Apple Macintosh, the "Star" is generally accepted to be the first stand-alone commercial computer to employ the graphical user interface / desktop metaphor. This particular system is missing the side panels, wheels, and is not fully operational. The notes to follow describe what steps have been taken to stabilize and hopefully restore this system. Aside from the ugliness of the exposed steel under carriage, the only real problem that I have detected so far is the Quantum Q 2040's drive belt, and possibly some bad RAM. Click image for larger view.
[ read more ]

Archiving and Copying Software 101

by billdeg - 02/27/2012
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Kelly Leavitt and I will be doing a workshop at the Vintage Computer Festival East 2012 this May. This thread will contain notes and ideas as I think of them. Tools: Laplink Serial Terminal Media Conversion Programs Image Disk Catweasel SD card / USB drive devices ... [ read more ]

Xerox 820 II CP/M disks avail.

by billdeg - 12/12/2006
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Last Post: [ Xerox 820 disks compatible with 820-II? ] 02/26/2012
Hi - I just successfully created two boot disks for a Xerox 820 II. CP/M 2.2C. I have tested the process, works. Contact me if you're attempting to restore a Xerox system and need a boot disk. Copies are for restorative purposes only, only where permitted by law, educational use only, and so on. I have an extra manual as well, for a fair $$. I will put up pics of the system when I have the chance.... [ read more ]

Commodore 8296 Computer

by billdeg - 09/23/2006
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Last Post: [ 8+V Out from pwr supply bad ] 02/05/2012
OEM Commodore? "Malvern Particle Sizer" Initial inspection of unit - does not work. 1. Monitor electronics loose 2. Made in England but US electric compat. 3. Took off monitor, unplugged from base unit. 4. The power was disconnected, board detached from monitor. I re-attached, no screen output. 5. Disk drive gave familiar long blink/2 short blinks of a IEEE drive with a good controller. Internal cable IEEE. 6. The P/N of the drive controller is 251203 REV B 1983. (This is the sfd-1001 I have been told...) 7. Motherboard: "80/40 column CPU 64/128 Ass number 324645" 8. Add on card above motherboard using two connectors to attach to mother board, with power: "Malvern Instruments Ltd." "MSM82C55A-5RS" "42041" "2,5 PC" 9. No keyboard response to Shift+RUN/STOP 10. Can hear trans... [ read more ]

Replacement teletype print hammer head

by billdeg - 02/05/2012
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If you've finally acquired a teletype for your vintage computer, you need to replace the rubber print hammer head because it will have disintegrated. It will feel like a gummy bear candy. The acknowldeged printer hammer head replacement for the Teletype model 33 is a PVC tube, fit over the hammer like a sheath, but I have found recently that these last less than 100 hours before a the tube needs to be replaced. A permanent divot will form on the tube where it strikes the cylinder, making it useless. So here is a tip - if you use your teletype regularly, replace the hammer pad each time you replace the printer ribbon. Here is my Teletype 101 primer - how to set up an ASR 33 for use with a computer. ... [ read more ]

Tic Tac Toe Computer 1956

by billdeg - 02/02/2012
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Radio-Electronics December 1956 with "Relay Moe" article by Edmund Berkeley describing one of the earliest electronic computer games ever produced. Click image for full article.
Occasionally the question of the first computer video game comes up. Here's one that must be one of the first. This analog computer-based game is capable of determining it's own moves. Relay Moe is not the first computerized tic-tac-toe game, I am guessing the first appeared in the early 1950's.... [ read more ]

Commodore Amiga A1200

by billdeg - 11/16/2008
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Last Post: [ Experiments with Amiga A1200 ] 01/30/2012
Picked up a working Commodore Amiga A1200 from the Vintage Computer Festival East 5.0 Although the system came with an external disk drive, the internal drive needs to be replaced. I attempted to install the drive from a HD2000, but they're not the right size. Amiga A1200 with Commodore 1950 monitor... [ read more ]

Amiga 2500 Restoration

by billdeg - 07/22/2011
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Last Post: [ Returning Amiga 2500 to Stock ] 01/24/2012
The Amiga 2500 with Video Toaster, top cover removed. The 2500 was actually an Amiga A2000 that shipped with certain upgrades included. Motherboard Rev 6.2 Click image for larger picture.
Picture of the Video Toaster installed. Click image for larger picture.
Commodore Amiga 2500 top cover.
NEXT: Replace the battery and clean the motherboard: http://www...allery/index.php?n=2390... [ read more ]

Commodore LCD Laptop

by billdeg - 01/08/2012
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CNN just posted an article titled CES vaporware: Awesome, unreleased gadgets. Among the gadgets listed, was the Commodore LCD laptop. Photo look familiar? That's because it was taken at the Vintage Computer Festival East 4, I received photo credit by the author. ... [ read more ]

Boxed Amiga 3000 and boxed CBM 1950

by billdeg - 11/13/2006
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Last Post: [ Replacing Amiga Motherboard Battery ] 01/05/2012
Given to me locally. At present this computer does not boot. Front logo closeup Front Full Note that monitor is a Commodore 1950 Multiscan. Works. When 3000 system is powered on, fan comes on with left green light, nothing else happens. No screen output. The motherboard processor chip (I think, I have to remove the add-on board to get part number) starts to get hot after a few minutes.... [ read more ]

Amiga 2000 with Dual Drives and HD

by billdeg - 01/05/2012
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Commodore Amiga 2000 with dual 3.5" drives and 80MB hard drive. Click image for larger view.
The Amiga Workbench desktop
This system had no hard drive and a bad "2" diskette drive. The diskette drive was replaced, and a hard drive/RAM card was installed. Done. No Video Toaster or Flicker Fixer, just a nice gaming system. More Pictures... [ read more ]

Franklinstein Apple II clone

by billdeg - 12/30/2011
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A Frankenstein Apple II clone consisting of a Franklin Ace1000 chassis, drives, and power supply, Apple /// monitor, and Unitron clone motherboard. The system is running Apple DOS 3.3. Click on image for larger view.
The first clue that this computer is no normal Franklin Ace1000 is the "UNITRON" message that displays when the computer first boots.
The Unitron motherboard is version 658 rev C. Note how it's much smaller than a Franklin motherboard. The Unitron 658 is sized to fit i... [ read more ]

Amiga 2000

by billdeg - 12/29/2011
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An Amiga 2000 with Video Toaster, Zeus U303 and Kitchen Sync cards. Click Image for larger view.
I have a few 2000's. I would prefer to have a Flicker Fixer, but other than than this system is in great functional shape with Video Toaster software, etc. I need to replace the battery, but there is no sign of leakage. More pictures... [ read more ]

Computer Terminal Corp DataPoint 3300

by billdeg - 12/29/2011
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Last Post: [ 1969 CTC Datapoint 3300 Ad ] 05/06/2013
The Computer Terminal Corp. DataPoint 3300 after cosmetic restoration work completed. This is the first glass terminal first produced by CTC in 1969 (after being announced in 1967). The 3300 was a play on the ASR 33, which is what this machine was designed to replace. The serial number sticker says 1030. Click image for larger view.
System after cleaning. The terminal was in pretty bad shape (evidence of rodents on the keyboard), but fortunately there was no rodent nests inside. First, the cover was removed and... [ read more ]
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