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IBM 5155 Restoration Project Update

by billdeg - 11/08/2008
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IBM Portable Model 5155 with 3.5" drive added. IBM 5155 with carry bag, Hardware Maintenance & Service (for) Portable Personal Computer vol 1, Advanced Diagnostics 2.10. Details of the step by step restoration will be posted soon, but for now here are the IBM 5155 Restoration Pics... [ read more ]

Vintage Computer Festival East 5

by billdeg - 11/07/2008
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Vintage Computer Festival East 5.0 Saturday, Sept. 13th and Sunday, Sept. 14th InfoAge Science Center at Wall Township, New Jersey. Sponsored by MARCH and VintageTech Pictures of the event... [ read more ]

Looking for an IMSAI Box

by monahan_z - 10/18/2008
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Last Post: [ IMSAI chassis ] 10/31/2008
I am looking for an IMSAI S100 box with power supply and front panel. No need for S100 cards. Anybody seen one for sale?... [ read more ]

the "SacState" 8008 Machine 1972-73

by billdeg - 10/22/2008
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Passing along an interesting story about a microcomputer produced by a guy named Bill Pentz at the California State University, Sacramento. According to the Digibarn's Bruce Dalmer this is "..the World's First Fully Functional Microcomputer (with peripherals).." http:...-pentz-story/index.html... [ read more ]

TM 990/189 or PP189

by njoerd_de - 10/21/2008
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Last Post: [ re:TM 990/189 or PP189 ] 10/21/2008
Hello to all, I get a TM 990/189 System from one of my friends. The interesting point is that the system is build in a black box. You can detach the cover from it. On the cove there are the letters PP189 and of course the Texas Instruments brand name. I searched in the internet to get more information about this system. I found some of the PCB (TM 990/189) itself but nothing about the box. Do anyone know more about it? Regards from Germany Andreas... [ read more ]

MITS 680b Memory Dump Listing

by billdeg - 10/14/2008
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I found an article titled "Hexadecimal Memory Dump" bummed from Mark Borgerson code by Cal Rasmussen in my copy of Kilobaud from 11/1978. The program is written for a MITS 680b running MIKBUG. Program Listing... [ read more ]

Removing yellowing from plastics

by billdeg - 10/09/2008
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This is a reprint from, but I thought it worth mirroring here. To follow is an excellent synopsis on the subject, taken from a 200 record thread: - Part 2 (by "Merlin") "...The original thread is over 200 posts long now and getting to be a heavy read for some, so Lorne and I thought it was best that we start a new thread here, with a "Story So Far" summary, before we start more experiments. So, what has been discovered and learned so far? 1. We have learned that a magic concoction has been created that can reverse the years of yellowing of plastics, caused by the brominated flame retardants (which were added to the plastic when it was a masterbatch) migrating to the surface of the plastic and attracting oxygen molecules which become attached by a co-ordinate bond. 2. Bromine molecules are susceptible to ultra-violet light, in that che... [ read more ]

MAC Plus 1MB Restoration

by billdeg - 10/05/2008
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I came upon a MAC Plus 1MB that when powered on starts to smoke. Took the system apart and found that it had a bad monitor. The connector from the power supply to the monitor had a burn rupture. The monitor itself seems to be disfunctional. I replaced the power supply board, and although I get the happy beep, nothing appears on the monitor. I did not pay for any of this so no harm trying.... [ read more ]

applying power to a KIM

by billdeg - 10/02/2008
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Regarding applying power to a KIM..I am looking at page 8 of the KIM User Manual. Have I interpreted the schematic correctly? It appears that I should connect the ground lead of the power supply to pin 1, and connect a +5V wire to pin A. The +12V cassette lead should connect to the pin labeled N on the Application connector. I also have to connect pins K to 1. I would love to see a picture if there is one out there, but I found nothing. I will post one when I am done.... [ read more ]

Amiga 1200

by billdeg - 09/22/2008
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Picked one of these up at VCF E 2008. Needs some work...will post more here asap.... [ read more ]

The Digital Group - bytemaster

by billdeg - 08/29/2008
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The Digital Group ("the digital group") /bytemaster/ model computer - a portable? Short of a handle and a latch to hold the keyboard in place, and this computer is a portable. In the least this computer is an important system be aware of in the early one of the earliest portables.... [ read more ]

Apple II / Biorhythm 2008

by billdeg - 08/24/2008
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Today I finished the alpha version an AppleSoft BASIC program for calculating a person's Biorhythm. There is no MOD function in AppleSoft (floating point) BASIC, and variables can only be one letter. I had to write a routine to calculate leap years without being able to call a MOD function, and my method is to compare the integer value of the quotient with the original quotient. I am not sure if it will work. I want to be able to plug any date from 1752 to 5000 AD to get a result. I also used a lot of arrays to get around the limit to the number of available simultaneous variables. There is a MOD function in the earlier Wosniak Interger BASIC, but its other limitations outweighed it's use. I do plan to have at least one Apple Integer BASIC demo program available as well, for authenticity-sake. Pictures of the Apple II setup coming soon.... [ read more ]

Basics for Using Northstart Horizon DOS

by billdeg - 08/24/2008
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This is a copy of an email I sent to a fellow collector, regarding what to do at the plus prompt ( + ) upon successful boot of a Nortstar Horizon computer, using Northstar DOS. Here is my answer: I assume you have two working drives, if not stop and contact me. I am not sure how much you know about the N*, they're sometimes cryptic to follow. See if you can find a copy of the North Start System Software Manual. + means from the N* DOS prompt > means from the N* monitor (I assume you know what a monitor is) if you find yourself at this prompt the command OS will return you to N* DOS. drive 1 = left drive drive 2 = right drive +GO CD [enter] (follow the prompts) +GO CF[enter] (follow the prompts) CD means copy diskette CF means copy file +GO CF ABC ABC1 (copy the file ABC to ABC1) +LI 1 [enter] (what's on the left drive?) +LI 2 [enter] (what's on the right drive?) ... [ read more ]

TRS 80 Model 1 Early Magazine References

by billdeg - 05/26/2007
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Last Post: [ which is first appliance computer? ] 08/13/2008
Currently working on my VCF East 3.0 exhibit, the 30th Anniversay of the TRS 80 Model 1. I scanned some research materials for possible use. These are the earliest references that I could find to the TRS 80 Model 1. http://www.vintage.../magazine/ Regarding the so-called low-cost "appliance computers" unveiled in 1977: the Apple II (Jan) came well before the PET (June)or the TRS 80 Model 1 (Aug). The TRS 80 was first publicly displayed in August of 1977 at Computermania (Boston) and I believe also PC-77 (Atlantic City), both on the same date.... [ read more ]

Interfacing an SWTPc 6800 using MP-S

by billdeg - 08/07/2008
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Last Post: [ current configuration of your SWTPC ] 08/12/2008
Bob Grieb and Dan Roganti came by for some vintage hardware hacking, and we decided to try and interface an SWTPc 6800 with a Teletype model ASR 33. The SWTPc has an MP-S card installed. To start, the system was set to connect to a 300-baud terminal and it worked just fine. Why not take apart something perfectly good and *downgrade* the speed? First take a look at the same MP-S card first wired for a terminal, and second for a TTY:
SWTPc MP-S wired for a display terminal running at 300 baud. Note the baud jumpers at the bottom of this picture.
Compare with the next two pictures depicting the same card with the addition of a second cable connected to a teletype:
SWTPc MP-S "bottom view" with R1 shorted... [ read more ]
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