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Secrecy is the keystone of all tyranny

by billdeg - 09/30/2007
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The People's Computer Company and The Community Memory Project Selected scans from the People's Computer Company March-April and May issues "Secrecy is the keystone of all tyranny"
- this quote from the scifi novel Revolt in 2100 summarized the philosophy of Lee Felsenstein, Efrem Lipkin and the other founders of the Community Memory Project, according to the book Hackers by Steven Levy. The mission of Community Memory was to bring the power of computers to all citizens not just government officials and the sanctioned users in big companies with their IBM mainframes. Efrem and Lee took a donated XDS-940 computer "to the streets" by creating a community bulletin board system with remote terminals placed in community areas. Meetings of Community Memory were conducted in a small shopping center the Californi... [ read more ]

IMSAI 8080 With Processor Tech. Cutter

by billdeg - 09/30/2007
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Video Uploaded to Click to watch a demonstration of a working IMSAI 8080 with the Processor Technologies Cutter monitor program The video starts out with a view of a running IMSAI 8080. With a background sound of the computer fan and occasional keyboard clicks, the system connections and the Processor Technologies Cutter program are demonstrated. Included in this system are Processor Technologies S-100 bus cards CUTS (cassette) 3P+S (keyboard control), VDM-1 (video). Various cutter commands are demonstrated including DUMP, ENTER, and EXECUTE. Also shown is the cassette tape commands page from the Cutter / Solos manual.... [ read more ]

IMSAI 8080 Front Panel Assembly

by billdeg - 09/29/2007
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Here are some pictures of an IMSAI 8080 disassembled front panel, chassis, and panel cover. Pictures ... [ read more ]

IBM Quietwiter Printer- Model 5201-002

by fredfs - 09/18/2007
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Last Post: [ IBM Quietwiter Printer- Model 5201-002 ] 09/27/2007
I recently came across an old IBM Quietwriter Printer at a local tag sale and purchased it for $10.00. It hopefully can be used with my IBM PC-AT. I cannot find operation documentation/manuals anywhere. Does anybody have access to information regarding this machine.? Thanks, Fred S.... [ read more ]

C64 emulator to run on PC

by quasi - 08/04/2007
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Last Post: [ C64 emulator to run on PC ] 09/27/2007
This is my first post to this message base, would like to learn which C64 emulator program to get, and later, setup procedures.... [ read more ]

Jim Butterfield Photo

by billdeg - 08/28/2007
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Last Post: [ Jim Butterfield Photo ] 09/27/2007
While doing some reading today I found this ad http://vintagecomp...Butterfield.jpg From Compute!'s Gazette September 1984... [ read more ]

A Bushel of Apples

by billdeg - 08/19/2007
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I made a local pick up of 3 Apple IIe's and 3 Apple II Plus computers in various states of operational status. They were are clean and the lot came with a lot of useful software, cards, printers, spare parts, monitors, including a Corvus external hard drive. A van full of gear.
One of the drives had a copy of "Pentapus" ready for action.

I will report more as I inventory through the lot. [ read more ]

PET 2001 Prototype at Gametronics 1977

by billdeg - 08/03/2007
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Which came first, the Commodore PET 2001, TRS 80, or the Apple II?? I have pics of a PET 2001 Prototype at the Jan 18-20 Gametronics convention. In and of itself, this is not really anything special considering the PET was also known to be displayed at the Winter Consumer Electronics Show also in January 1977. It's clear that there existed in January of 1977 a working prototype of the PET 2001. This machine was being marketed publicly. Was there a working Apple II prototype in January 1977, more or less recognizable as an Apple II? There is no evidence to support this. I am told that was a working TRS 80 in January 1977. Here are pictures of the Commodore PET 2001 Prototype at Gametronics Convention January 18-20 1977 Gametronics '77 Burlingame Hyatt House [ read more ]

History of the Amiga

by billdeg - 08/01/2007
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Interesting read: http://arstechn...-the-amiga-part-1.ars/2... [ read more ]

Franklin Ace 1200

by billdeg - 07/21/2007
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I received a replacement keyboard from Erik Klein ... ... for my Franklin Ace 1200. The original has a bad space bar. While in the process of taking apart the system to install the keyboard, I snapped a few pictures. Pictures I need the system disks, to test the drives. ... [ read more ]

by billdeg - 07/20/2007
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What the heck, is now also , named after the Theodor Nelson Computer Lib article.


A number of people have gotten mad at me for coining the phrase "cybercrud," which I define as "putting things over on people using computers." But as long as it goes on we'll need the word. At every corner of our society, peope are issuing pronouncements and making other people do things and saying it's because of the computer. The function of cybercrud is thus to confuse, intimidate or pressure. We have all got to get wise to this if it is going to be curtailed. -Theodor Nelson, Computer Lib. 1974 pg 8... [ read more ]

4 Sale: Seagate Model 506 HD/Enclosures

by billdeg - 06/24/2007
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Last Post: [ SOLD ] 07/17/2007 1 Seagate Model 506 Hard Drive - NOS - Tested - Working Condition 2 Clone Computers Brand External Hard Drive Enclosures, not assembled Build your own External Hard Drive System for a Tandy TRS 80 Model 3 NOT INCLUDED: Directions. You should have a basic working knowledge of hardware enough to put all of the pieces together. The reason I am selling both enclosures together is to help ensure that buyer can make at least one working external hard drive out of it. Although the ST 506 has been tested this year and found to have no errors, I offer no warrantee or guarantee the item will work, due to age. I did not test the enclosures. Bidders with excessive negative or zero feedback, please ask before bidding. Shipping: You will be contacted The buyer has the option to take the ST-506 only, if buyer does n... [ read more ]

1985 Winter Consumer Electronics Show

by billdeg - 07/15/2007
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Pictures of the C-LCD and C-128 displays as they were being assembled before the 1985 Comsumer Electronics Show. here is a link: pictures... [ read more ]

NEW MITS Altair 680b Replica Kit

by billdeg - 07/08/2007
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Grant Stockley (Stockley Electronics) has produced a new Altair 680 replica kit, which can be purchased for only $999, including extras: Condidering that an original 680b with the same extras would cost well over $2000 today, if you can even find one, this is a great deal. Visit the web site for more details.... [ read more ]

University of Delaware Computer Museum

by billdeg - 07/01/2007
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There's a new computer museum at the University of Delaware and I am working as a sort of curator to help assemble exhibits. It's small. This weekend we completed a new exhibit showcase. Those of you at the Vintage Computer Festival will recognize it. The "TRS 80 Model 1 30th Anniversary" exhibit from the festival has found a home. Pictured are computers donated to the University, plus items from my collection. Pics... [ read more ]
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