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  Items Wanted by Bill Degnan - 06/11/2015 12:38
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-"Regular" Vintage Stuff-

DATAC 1000 6502 trainer

RCA COSMAC Microkit manual MPM-103.

Tandy / TRS-80 Coco 3 *working* cart extender (brand not important)

GO Tablet Model G400 power supply or battery (24V ).

Commodore B Series hi-profile keyboard(s)

Amiga A1200 internal disk drive.

NEC PC6011A Expansion Unit

Computer Data Systems "Versatile 2" s-100 computer 1977 (Newark, Delaware USA computer)

Casio FX-9000P

Canon CX-1 or BX-3

Acorn BBC Model A

Eagle Computer Eagle II E (I have disks, need computer)

Sord SM80X

Oki 1F COM7 laptop

Morrow Decision 1

Microvoice Nugen

Sycor Model 302 Key-Cassette Terminal

California Technology International 1108-A Manual/documentation

Any mid 70's micros like the Sphere, Compucolor II, HAL, Jupiter Computers

Commodore 264

CBM VC 1020 or VIC 1010 docking station for VIC 20

Tandon 603s or 602s hard drives in nice shape

*working* ST-225's

Compaq 386s Deskpro 1.2Mb drive, Cannon 61435-16 working.

-Post-Vintage Pentium Systems-
Looking for:
Compaq Deskpro 5/60M [x]
DECpc 560ST
Unisys PW Advantage Plus 5606
Will consider:
IBM Model 95 (66mhz)
Siemens PCE-55
HP Netserver 5/60 LM
Zenith Z-Server LT 466XE Model 500




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