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Catweasel / Disk Archives

by billdeg - 01/27/2011
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This log will contain info on using the catweasel MK4plus PCI card to image Tandy 8" disks. I have dedicated a PC to this purpose. I have two projects in progress at the moment 1. Archive Atari 800 format disks 2. Archive TRS 80 8" disks So far I have set up the system and ran a few "easy" tests involving IBM disks and then an Atari Antic disk. So far so good. Here is a link to Dave dunfield's page about cabling a 8" drive to a 5 1/4" cable. http://www.cla...g29374/cnct.htm Here is a vendor who sells an adapter that converts the 5 1/4" or 3.5" disk cable signal for an 8" drive (the 5 1/4" HD = 8" drive as far as most disk controllers are concerned in general.) Program for reading TRS 80 disks cw2dmk on Tim Mann's web site?... [ read more ]

CBM 8088 co-processor schematic / ROM

by billdeg - 01/09/2011
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Scanned schematic and 8088/6509 interprocess communications ROM from the original CBM document. (or a 1st gen copy). With this you can build your own 8088 co processor for your B series Commodore. download... [ read more ]

Houston Instrument DMP-29 Plotter

by billdeg - 12/29/2010
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This Houston Instrument company model DMP-29 Digital Plotter.
A kit was made available to interface this plotter with a TRS 80 Model I computer, and probably the model III/4.
Houston Instrument was a division (or acquired by) Bausch and Lomb, who was active in the computer hardware business during the 1980s. More pictures... [ read more ]

TRON 3D Vintage Computer Sigtings

by billdeg - 12/28/2010
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Allow me to claim first report of the following in the Flynn arcade back office / computer lab 1. Digital RL01 drives in a rack with an 11/34 or 11/70 on the bottom 2. Commodore 1571 drive (it was a prop on the bottom shelf of a little end table, covered with dust) There were other misc. devices, but nothing that I could identify In the young Flynn's room was a 3. MacIntosh SE of some sort.... [ read more ]

Retro Computing Roundtable Podcast #4

by billdeg - 12/22/2010
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Retro Computing Roundtable podcast. David Greelish (host) Earl Evans Jason Scott Bill Degnan (me)... [ read more ]

The TRS-80 Digitizer - An Early Scanner

by billdeg - 12/20/2010
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The TRS-80 Digitizer was an early document scanner that was primarily used by Model 1 and Coco users. The scanner was primitive and was not used for business applications.
More pics More Info: http://www.trs-80...gitizer/ The TRS-80 Digitizer 26-1195... [ read more ]

NEC Spinwriter 3530 Printer

by billdeg - 12/20/2010
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Before making an attempt to break into the computer and computer display markets, NEC was most known for it's high quality business printers.
Before laser printers replaced them, the daisywheel-type printer was the standard for business / office printing. The 3530 was popular in the early 1980's. pics ... [ read more ]

Radio Shack TRS-80 VoxBox

by billdeg - 12/20/2010
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The VoxBox Speech Recognition Device allowed a person to save their voice patterns into their TRS-80 Model 1 computer for voice recognition programming. Pretty slick for 1979. Click image to see the complete boxed unit including CB-like microphone, cassette programs, and VoxBox unit.
The box for the VoxBox model 26-1181
More information [ read more ]

The Litton Sweda International

by billdeg - 12/20/2010
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The Floppy Disk Model 8452 by Litton Sweda. No information is forthcoming about the computer that used this drive.
Litton Sweda International business equipment, cash registers, and like many companies of the late 70's and early 80's they experimented with business computers. Litton was based in New Jersey, but this drive was manufactured in Japan. I am guessing that this is simply a re-branded something or another drive. If you're looking to complete a Litton Sweda system contact me if you're interested in this drive. Pics... [ read more ]

TRS 80 Eight Meg Disk System

by billdeg - 12/20/2010
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The TRS 80 Eight Meg Disk System was a monstrous hard drive, very fragile, and cost thousands of dollars in the early 1980's.
The TRS 80 Model II stands next to the Eight Meg drive for size comparison purposes.
The 20 pin data ports are only needed if you're attaching a 2nd, 3rd, 4th drive to the primary hard drive. Imagine having 4 hard drives running at once.
The original shipping box with catalog no. 26-4150
[ read more ]

LIFE Simulations on PDP 8/e

by billdeg - 12/18/2010
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I have been running LIFE simulations using various symbolic patterns. Here is a sample: Spontaneous Generation of Squirrels http://www.yo...-H-h-s5IpM Christian Cross Prophet http://www.yout...h?v=7H-wb89WvoE Die, Nazi [ read more ]

Computer News 80

by billdeg - 12/03/2010
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I have been given a set of Computer News 80 newsletters. Volume 1.1 through 2.2. I will post copies if it's legal..Contact me if you're looking for these. I have not found an online archive. Doing a little checking I have learned that Computer News 80 was created by a man named Stan Slater (who passed away) to fill the void left when Micro 80 stopped writing about the TRS computers in order to focus only on the Tandy DOS line. I have a copy of the last Micro 80 with TRS 80 articles, there was an editorial about the decision to stop covering the TRS 80 line. That was 1987. The same year I started by internship at IBM. Read More: [ read more ]

TRS 80 Model 4P 26-1080 and 26-1080A

by billdeg - 11/25/2010
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Last Post: [ 26-1080 S/N 002615 ] 11/28/2010
4 TRS 80 Model 4P computers.
Two of these are 26-1080's and Two are 26-1080A's. The green screen displays are 1080A's. Although some 1080's are non-gate array units, the 1080A's are probably all gate array.
To run the diagnostic package in the ROM, hold down the period key ( . ) and then power on the system. You'll access a ROM program for testing the system. It looks like RAM tests.
Here is a picture of the two types of cover latches one can find on the 4P to clamp the cover to the chassis. I prefer the metal.
Notes from 4p Technical Reference Manual [ read more ]

RAMCheck Innovations 64-256 K RAM Tester

by billdeg - 11/28/2010
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RAMCheck Innovations 64-256 K RAM Tester. This device works tests for shorts. Also id's whether chip is a RAM chip at all, and if so whether it's a 64 or 256K chip.
... [ read more ]

TRS 80 Color Computer 2

by billdeg - 11/25/2010
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Last Post: [ Tandy Color Computer 2 (Gen II) ] 02/26/2013
The TRS 80 Color Computer 2 model 26-3027.
Boot screen and PRINTMEM. As you can see by the lower than expected memory (this is supposed to be a 16K machine), one of the 8040517 RAM chips is bad. The 16K Coco II did not use "regular" RAM like the more expensive Coco II.
Coco 2 pics (multiple models)... [ read more ]
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