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RIP Microsoft Co-founder Paul Allen

by billdeg
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Paul Allen Microsoft co-founder
Paul Allen Microsoft Co-Founder 1953 - 2018 Click image for larger view.
I am sure he never saw it, but I once sold Vulcan Electrics, his computer museum project, my Xerox Star computer many years ago, for his computer museum. It's probably in a shed somewhere or stripped for parts. http://www.vul...r-paul-allen-dies-at-65">... [ read more ]

Computer History and Restoration Links

by billdeg
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The thread date indicated last update. Suggest a site here. Bitsavers Software and Document Archive rTTY Art Repository http://artsc...LLECTION/ Datastore: Manuals and system docs galore. http://maben.ho...S100/index.html Dave Dunfield's Site - vintage computer newbies should start here, disk archiving info here http://www.classic...dunfield Glitchworks FDC Results Registry - Drive controllers for imaging disks https://services....tfdc_results Bryan's Old Computers Document Archive Every Computer That Ever Was (list) http://www.crowl...y/computer_list This Day in Tech History http://thisdayi...ry/computers/ Samuel S Snyder's 1964">... [ read more ]

Items Wanted

by billdeg
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This list is maintained regularly. Thread date is last update. Contact me Here. DecMate I 8" OS/8 disk(s), and if anyone has a spare 37-25 pin RX02 cable. PCS Micropac 80, Superpac 180 and related DATAC 1000 6502 trainer GO Tablet Model G400 power supply or battery (24V ). Commodore B Series hi-profile keyboard(s) Computer Data Systems "Versatile 2" s-100 computer 1977 (Newark, Delaware USA computer) Casio FX-9000P Canon CX-1 or BX-3 Acorn BBC Model A Eagle Computer Eagle II E (I have disks, need computer) Sord SM80X Oki 1F COM7 laptop Morrow Decision 1 Microvoice Nugen Sycor Model 302 Key-Cassette Terminal California Technology International 1108-A Manual/documentation Any mid 70's micros like the Sphere, Compucolor II, HAL, Jupiter Computers Commodore 264 CBM VC 1020 or VIC 1010 docking station">... [ read more ]

VCF Mid West ECCC 2018

by billdeg
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The opening minutes of the 2018 Vintage Computer Festival slash Emergency Commodore Computer Convention, September 15, 2018. Click image for larger view.
Cactus 6502
Z demonstrating his Cactus 6502 computer with front panel. Click image for larger view.
Can you guess what computer is under the hood of this add-on keyboard? Click image for larger view.
... [ read more ]

Radio Shack TRS 80 Model 1 26-1008

by billdeg
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Radio Shack TRS 80 Model model 26-1008
The Radio Shack TRS 80 Model 1 26-1008 to my knowledge never appeared in the Radio Shack catalog and was never officially sold in stores. Obviously a few were made, but how many I do not know. Click image for larger view.
Radio Shack TRS 80 Model model 26-1008
Given the serial number, at least 38 and probably a hundred or so 26-1008 model number Model 1's were produced. Click image for larger view.
Radio Sha... [ read more ]

Loading PDP 11 BASIC Papertape

by billdeg
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After replacing the reader (again) I was able to load PDP 11 BASIC using my Teletype ASR 33. The computer system is my recently repaired PDP 11/05 S. Pictured is the pile of tape the makes up the BASIC program. It takes about 20-30 minutes or so to load the program. Click image for larger view.
If everything goes right, immediately after loading the tape the system initiates the BASIC program and displays the initialization prompt, *O. Click image for larger view.
Appendix D - The Bootstrap and Absolute Loaders (step by step how t">... [ read more ]

Dan Roganti RIP

by billdeg
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Dan Roganti
Dan Roganti.
Dan lost his battle with cancer and we all lost a titan in the vintage computing community. Dan was one of the earliest members of MARCH. He taught me a great deal about S-100 and related hardware engineering. Dan attended all of the early hardware workshops I hosted at my house and we had many hours working into the night on a wide variety of systems including but not limited to the MITS Altair, IMSAI 8080, PET 2001, Heathkit EC-1, ASR 33 Teletypes, Apple II, and so on.
Dan Roganti doing what he di">... [ read more ]

RK11-D Installation

by billdeg
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Updated: [ RE: PDP 11/05 and RK05 power connectors ] 08/31/2018
Digital RK05 disk packs
Digital RK05 disk packs. Click image for larger view.
I have the RK05 card set and backplane RK11-D. Picture: htt...11D-MM-002.pdf Cards and Backplane (minus UNIBUS cables): http://www.tec...ontroller.jpg RK11-D is a 4-card backplane RK11-D RK05 Disk Controller EK-RK11D-MM-002 M7254 Status Control M7255 Disk Control M7256 Registers M7257 Bus Control">... [ read more ]

Digital (DEC) PDP 11/05 NC Assembly

by billdeg
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Updated: [ 11/05 NC Power Connectors ] 08/31/2018
Ted Nelson speaks quite highly of the Digital PDP 11 series in his book Computer Lib / Dream Machines.
Picture of the PDP 11/05 NC card cage and M9970(in the wrong slot). Click image for hi res version.
The only thing that prevented DEC from launching the PC revolution three years earlier was price, in my opinion. All of the other ingredients were there for a fine PC. The PDP 11/05 was the OEM version of the PDP 11/10, so you find all kinds of variations of this system sometimes paired with the DEC GT40 Graphic Display Terminal. Complete set of Pictures Some notes... 1) Cleaned (enough for now).. got all of the styrofoam peanuts, dust. 2) Started with an ... [ read more ]

MITS Altair AM Radio Music Jukebox

by billdeg
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Updated: [ Altair Jukebox Video ] 08/27/2018
MITS Altair8800b AM Radio Jukebox Project
MITS Altair "Jukebox" system with GE Radio on top. Click image for larger view.
MITS Altair8800b AM Radio Jukebox Project
MITS Altair "Jukebox" system exhibit at the 2018 Vintage Computer Festival. Click image for larger view.
Steve Dompier's May 1975 People's Computer Company newsletter article Music of a Sort (republished in Dr. Dobbs Feb 1976) describes how one would generate music with a MITS Altair by using the fro">... [ read more ]

Seiko Data-2000 1983/4 Early Smart Watch

by billdeg
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Seiko Data-2000 Smartwatch
The Seiko DATA-2000 was an early smart watch sold in late 1983 through 1984 that came with a special PDA calculator interface keyboard. I have read that this was the first watch with a keyboard. The retail price was $195. Click for larger view.
Seiko Data-2000 Smartwatch Docked
In the docked position the Data-2000 watch face serves as a dot matrix display for the QWERTY keyboard. Together the watch and keyboard provide PDA functionality to do thinkgs like enter and store memos (up to 100 lines), calculator functions, set the alarm, etc. Transm">... [ read more ]

DEC VAX 4000-705A

by billdeg
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A well stocked VAX 4000 was the last and I believe most capable 4000 model. Click image for larger view.
Here is the first part of the "show config" command output. Click image for larger view.
Show Dev output displays both SCSI and DSSI controllers. Click image for larger view.
Wikipedia: "...The VAX 4000 Model 705A, code-named "Legacy+", was introduced in la">... [ read more ]

Digital PDP 11/05 S in BA11-K

by billdeg
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Updated: [ Replaced h745 -15V ] 08/21/2018
BA11-K Mounting Box Fans
Started working on piecing together a PDP 11/05 S in a BA11-K Mounting Box. Pictured here are the fans that cool the H765 power supply's transformer. Note there are no DC voltage bricks installed. I removed the metal fan covers (they were rubbing the fan blades when you spin the fan manually). Click for larger view.
BA11-K Mounting Box Fans
This is a view of the power distribution board installed in the PDP 11/05 S chassis. The c">... [ read more ]

Rockwell R6500 (AIM 65)

by billdeg
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Updated: [ Cassette Signal Issue ] 07/21/2018
The Rockwell model R6500 was better known as the AIM 65. The AIM 65 is a 6502-based single board computer from 1976, although the model remained popular through the early 1980's until it was eventually replaced by the AIM 65/40.
AIM stands for "Advanced Interactive Microcomputer" and the 65 most likely is a reference to the 6502 processor and related chips. Right? I have two AIM 65 systems, one was fresh out of the box and never used. I am doing my experimenting with the used unit. I also have a 8-slot card cage containing a general purpose module, Serial card, disk controller, and video controller. The system boots to the system monitor and then I can jump to BASIC. I have run some assembly programs and some BASIC programs. Pictures I have a card cage wit">... [ read more ]

SGI Octane OS install 6.5.12

by billdeg
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Pictured is the SGI desktop with a telnet connection to the Level 29 BBS via the IRIX console program. Telnet BBS-ing is a good way start testing a network connection. Click image to see more photos
SGI UNIX is called IRIX. I first installed version 6.5 but then learned the hard way that an "Overlay" would be required if I wanted to use an external DNS beyond local IP networking. I fortunately had a copy of IRIX 6.5.12 Overlay (OS patches / updates) which did the trick. I have been told it's even better to find a newer version, 6.5.2x. IRIX:">... [ read more ]
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