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1988 Apple IIc Plus FugiNet Testing

by billdeg
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Apple IIc Plus. Click image for larger view.
The internal 3.5 drive controller was toast, so I had to replace it to get the drive to work correctly. This is a wonderful machine, very fast and has an smart drive that allows it to interface easily with the FujiNet networking device being developed today. The only issue I have with the IIc Plus is that most Apple II software is written for 5 1/4" drives. The system is thus most useful with an external 5 1/4" drive attached. It's not possible to use the FUJINET with an external drive attached.
FUJINET for Apple II works best on the II">... [ read more ]

VDM-2021 (a VDM-1 reproduction)

by billdeg
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Sitting on a riser card, the VDM-2021 is a reproduction of the original 1076 Processor Technologies VDM-1 video / display S-100 controller.
I traded a non-working original VDM-1 for the replica VDM-2021. It worked great. The only issue is that as received the connector coming off of the card is in a bad spot and needs to be moved. For testing I simply put the card on a riser. As ALWAYS with this IMSAI 8080, one of the first I owned, it's always in need of some repairs. A few keyboard wires are in need of suring up. I can't do much until the connector wires are cleaned up. I am temporarily using an aligator clip, etc.">... [ read more ]

1991 Apple Macintosh Powerbook 170

by billdeg
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1991 Apple Macintosh Powerbook 170 had a Motorola 68030 microprocessor and cost $9100 in 2023 dollars!
This computer works, no restoration needed at this time.">... [ read more ]

1995 Apple Macintosh Performa 6300CD

by billdeg
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Apple Macintosh 6300CD computer, upgraded to a 6360CD by Joe Tooman.
READ MORE: https://www.kenne...h-performa-restoration/">... [ read more ]

Scientific Data Systems 420

by billdeg
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Updated: [ Not Good ] 04/19/2023
Scientific Data Systems SDS 420
The SDS 420 computer is a 6502 CPU computer with Persci model 277 dual 8" disk drives and proprietary operating system. Click image for larger view.
More pictures I received the computer in pieces. The CPU board and RAM expansion board have a 1977 date on them but the actual machine was produced or last upgraded in 1979 (?). I worked with one of the engineers who built the computer, Bill Scheding, to re-assemble it. The Persci drives require repairs but overall everything looks good and should be fully restorable. I have a lot of notes and will post asap. Next - Rehab the drives and boot up the system. Document the memory map and archive the software.">... [ read more ]

Digital TU56 for PDP-9?

by billdeg
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Updated: [ Negibus or Posibus? ] 01/17/2023
View of a recently donated TU 56 dual tape drive, prior to any restoration efforts. Click image for larger view.
W850 C bus connecting cable. This end goes to the PDP-9 (!). Click image for larger view.
More photos">... [ read more ]

DEC PDP 8/e MM8Ej RAM (8K) Repairs

by billdeg
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Updated: [ Getting 32K Again ] 12/09/2022
PDP 8e with H-19 terminal on the ground, displaying a directory from RK05 diskpack. Click image for larger view.
This thread will document the current progress with the PDP 8/e located at Kennett Classic. It's the same system written about earlier here. The current issue is that the system boots from RK05 diskpack 0, but the MEMORY command says only 8K RAM is available, even when more RAM is installed. 8K is not enough for any useful operations on this system. The proper next step is to run the MAINDEC DEC8X diagnostics, which naturally bombs without more RAM in the system. Love the classic chicken and egg DEC troubleshooting problems. There does not seem to be any manual online for this specific board">... [ read more ]

CTC Datapoint 3300 Video

by billdeg
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A demonstration of the Datapoint 3300 connected to the Area 29 telnet bulletin board via WIFI modem.
For those of you who want to hear the beeps from a Datapoint 3300 connected to's telnet time service: https://twit...8184403259596802 The Datapoint does not have the ability to refresh / redraw. Essentially the 3300 is a "glass Teletype" that prints text to the screen as if it were a serial printer printing text into tractor-feed paper">... [ read more ]

1974/5 TCC-3700 i8080 Computer

by billdeg
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The TCC-3700 was a specialized 8080 CPU-based computer used to translate IBM communications data into other formats. More detail is needed. Click image for larger view.
I like this system because it is a great example of the kinds of homebrew computers and prototypes mid-1970's engineers were building with the new microprocessors that became available then. In this case the TCC engineer chose the Intel 8080. The TCC 3700 was a full 8-bit "computer". The system was housed in a TeraDyne card rack supplied with individualized controller cards for CPU, ROM, Serial and other I/O and TTL logic. Little is known about TCC but it was not a large company. The computing unit was donated to Kennett Classic by Bob Martin who was given the TCC-3700 by the original engineer (n">... [ read more ]

1950 RCA Memory Tube Ad

by billdeg
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Click for PDF (guest registration required)
">... [ read more ]

1976 Digital PDP-8/A Minicomputer

by billdeg
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Partially Assembled. Click image for larger view.
This system came nearly complete, but was missing the cable that connects the power console to the backplane. I got one from the parts bin. I also had to move one of the molex connectors from the main transformer to a different location on the power backplane. Some of the cards were in the wrong slots. I wonder if this is why whomever had the computer originally gave up on it.
A edge-on view of the controller cards installed. The original module assignment sheet on the back">... [ read more ]

1982 Digital VT180 Z-80 CP/M Computer

by billdeg
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VT180 "Robin" personal computer with Z-80 Processor. A dual 5 1/4" disk drive sits on top. Click image for larger view.
Here is a view of the directory screen after booting CP/M from the RX 180 AB dual 5 1/4" disk drive. Click image for larger view.
I am impressed by the sharp grey text on white background screen. This was DEC's first "personal computer", technically a VT100 with the Personal CP/M Computing Option Kit installed. The kit provides a Zilog Z-80 CPU, disk drive and extra serial port to the VT100. There may be some sort of graphic upgrade (?) This particular machine was donated to Kennett Classic and will be">... [ read more ]

Honeywell / DDP-516 simH experiments

by billdeg
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This thread describes use of the Honeywell H316/516 simH scripts found here Start by downloading simH scripts. The CMD files should be opened in a text editor...stand by...">... [ read more ]

Recovering 1969 Honeywell Paper tapes

by billdeg
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Updated: [ Tapes Read - It's LUNAR LANDER ] 08/06/2022
Lunar Landing Papertape
Mysterious papertape with hand-printed text that reads "Start 1000 tty RUN -> 90" Click image for larger view.
This thread details the technical aspects of the data recovery itself, if you want to learn the background story, visit https://www.kennettclass...m-lunar-mission/ The short story is we received an ASCII papterape proported to have had been created containing a "data dump" from the 1969 American Apollo lunar landing. Teh tape was generated using a Honeywell DDP-516 minicomputer located at a NASA facility in White Sands, New Mexico. Apparently an operator made a personal backup of the lunar landing data (?) ... [ read more ]

Computer Terminal Corp DataPoint 3300

by billdeg
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Updated: [ Restoration Completed. ] 11/13/2022
The Computer Terminal Corp. DataPoint 3300 after cosmetic restoration work completed. This is the first glass terminal first produced by CTC in 1969 (after being announced in 1967). The 3300 was a play on the ASR 33, which is what this machine was designed to replace. The serial number sticker says 1030. Click image for larger view.
System after cleaning. The terminal was in pretty bad shape (evidence of rodents on the keyboard), but fortunately there was no rodent nests inside. First, the cover was removed and">... [ read more ]
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