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Flash Attack for the PET

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  by Bill Degnan - 05/24/2010 23:09
I received a copy of FLASH ATTACK.prg by email.

I was able to get it to disk, but I can't seem to copy to cassette. I need to copy the program to cassette because my other PET does not have the IEEE disk routines because it's the original ROM version PET.

I verified that FLASH ATTACK loads into memory in 027A and 2000 and then ran the following command from TIM (the 6502 monitor):

.S "FLASH ATTACK",01,027A,2000

The program loads fine from disk, but the program copy on cassette bombs.

I read somewhere that the program was copy protected, so I started hunting around in memory (using TIM the monitor program that comes with the PET) to see if there were any markers outside of 027A and 2000, but I did not find anything obvious. My idea was to find a set of hidden instructions in memory, write them down, and then POKE them into memory after loading the program.

NOTE: I tested the cassette on more than one 2001 series PET. I also repeated the disk to cassette dump to make sure it was not the copy process.

If anyone has the method to make a cassette copy, please let me know! Hopefully I missed something easy.



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