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Multimachine Games using 2 PET 2001s


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  Multimachine Games using 2 PET 2001s by Bill Degnan - 04/22/2010 00:21
Two Commodore PET 2001's linked in chat mode. Click image for larger view.

In honor of the PET Alive! event, I thought I'd take a crack at the experiments listed in the article Multimachine Games by Ken Wasserman and Tim Stryker from Byte December 1980, page 24. Their premise is that games are best played against another person, not the computer. They describe the principles for setting up a communications between computers for multiplayer gaming, and they give some examples.

Note that the code in the article only works for the 2001 model, not the 4000 series. Not sure about the 3000 series, those were not sold in the US.

At VCF 9 Larry Anderson had an exhibit of the game Flash Attack, a multiplayer game for the PET that uses the techniques described in the Byte article.
See: http://www.portcommodore...ects:flash_attack_cable

Rear view of computers displaying my hacked user port connectors.

More images

  PET Alive! by Bill Degnan - 05/03/2010 09:46

  Flash Attack for the PET by Bill Degnan - 05/24/2010 23:09
I received a copy of FLASH ATTACK.prg by email.

I was able to get it to disk, but I can't seem to copy to cassette. I need to copy the program to cassette because my other PET does not have the IEEE disk routines because it's the original ROM version PET.

I verified that FLASH ATTACK loads into memory in 027A and 2000 and then ran the following command from TIM (the 6502 monitor):

.S "FLASH ATTACK",01,027A,2000

The program loads fine from disk, but the program copy on cassette bombs.

I read somewhere that the program was copy protected, so I started hunting around in memory (using TIM the monitor program that comes with the PET) to see if there were any markers outside of 027A and 2000, but I did not find anything obvious. My idea was to find a set of hidden instructions in memory, write them down, and then POKE them into memory after loading the program.

NOTE: I tested the cassette on more than one 2001 series PET. I also repeated the disk to cassette dump to make sure it was not the copy process.

If anyone has the method to make a cassette copy, please let me know! Hopefully I missed something easy.



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