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Vintage Computer Festival East 13


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  Vintage Computer Festival East 13 by Bill Degnan - 05/22/2018 23:24
Prototype RCA COSMAC Computer
A prototype of what was to become the RCA COSMAC Computer. Created by Joseph A. Weisbecker, this system has an early version of the 1801 dual-chip CPU and dates to around 1972. Click image for larger view.

Otrona Attaché 8:16
The Otrona Attaché 8:16 Portable CP/M computer. Click image for larger view.

Consu The Educated Monkey an early 20th centory multiplication calculator. Click image for larger view.

IMSAI 8080
This IMSAI 8080 with Cromemco Z80 CPU was part of the Cromemco Cyclops (Biclops, Triclops) exhibit. Click image for larger view.

Cactus 6502 Computer with Front Panel
The Cactus is a *new* computer with 6502 CPU, OSI BASIC ROM and working front panel. WOW! I guess you could call this the prototype model, we hope someday to see this machine in kit form for hobbyists to assemble. The only other 6502 CPU with a front panel that I know of is the CGRS, made as an add-on interface for the SYM-1. Click image for larger view.

MITS Altair 8800b AM Radio Music Demo
My exhibit, the MITS Altair 8800b Jukebox allowed attendees to play new tunes using Dompier's program through a terminal interface. More info here Click image for larger view.

The above are just a taste of the event's exhibits. For detailed descriptions of this and other event exhibits visit the VCFed web site:

More Photos (I got most but not all exhibits. Stay tuned for a video on the event that covers all exhbits)

  Lecture Notes Intro to VAX/VMS by Bill Degnan - 06/05/2018 18:04
Introduction to VAX / VMS Lecture from Vintage Computer Festival 13 2018
CLick image to download Introduction to VAX / VMS slide show PDF.



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