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The CGRS Front Panel System


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  The CGRS Front Panel System by Bill Degnan - 11/24/2007 00:06
CGRS Microtech introduced their front panel 6502 single board computer interface in 1977.

I have not found any articles or ads for this product yet.

"..The CGRS FRONT PANEL is a direct memory access (DMS) type microcomputer control panel. It is totally hardware based microcomputer control that independently supplies static logic levels to perform various control functions and does not depend on microcomputer operation.

MEMORY READ AND WRITE: The CGRS FRONT PANEL can read or write into any memory location by halting the microprocessor and directly generating the address bus and control bus signals. The address bus signals and the data information from the memory are displayed on seven-segment hexadecimal displays. Information to be loaded into memory is entered on the eight data switches in binary form and loaded into memory when a load operation is executed.

SINGLE CYCLE PROGRAM EXECUTION: The CGRS FRONT PANEL can control the microprocessor to allow it to execute its program a single cycle at a time. This allows the user to watch program flow in detail and immediately recognize incorrect operation. The program can be stopped at any time to read or load memory.

FULL SPEED OPERATION The CGRS FRONT PANEL allows the microprocessor to execute its program at full speed. The program can be stopped at any time for single cycle operation or memory operations.

SYSTEM RESET: The CGRS FRONT PANEL includes a system reset that is used to restart program execution.


  CGRS system by Jack Rubin - 02/23/2008 20:54
I have one of these systems along with docs. Anything specific you want to know? Someday, it will be a VCF project, but not Too Soon Now.




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