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TRS 80 Model 12


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  TRS 80 Model 12 by Bill Degnan - 01/29/2011 10:38
S/N plate for a TRS 80 Model 12 26-4004 computer. 64K, one 8" disk drive.

After making a few diskcopies the power supply failed, there is no 12V. So I decided to remove the disk drive for use with my Catweasel system project.

This thread contains notes to make re-assembly of the system easier.

Note that the ground wire that connects the power supply to the monitor needs to be re-connected.

Some reference photos of TRS 80 Model 12 power supply and the factory setting jumpers for TM 848 drive for use in a TRS 80 Model 12. If you come upon this thread and you're trying to restore a model 12 by replacing the TM 848, these pictures will help you set the proper jumpers. There are a number of jumper options on a 848.

Tandon TM 848-02 disk drive assembly 210094-000



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