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  Catweasel / Disk Archives by Bill Degnan - 01/27/2011 10:06
This log will contain info on using the catweasel MK4plus PCI card to image Tandy 8" disks.

I have dedicated a PC to this purpose. I have two projects in progress at the moment

1. Archive Atari 800 format disks
2. Archive TRS 80 8" disks

So far I have set up the system and ran a few "easy" tests involving IBM disks and then an Atari Antic disk. So far so good.

Here is a link to Dave dunfield's page about cabling a 8" drive to a 5 1/4" cable.


Here is a vendor who sells an adapter that converts the 5 1/4" or 3.5" disk cable signal for an 8" drive
(the 5 1/4" HD = 8" drive as far as most disk controllers are concerned in general.)

Program for reading TRS 80 disks
cw2dmk on Tim Mann's web site?



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