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Popular Electronics - The MITS Altair 8800 - Complete January / February 1975 Articles
Loading BASIC on a MITS Altair 8800b Turnkey
Loading BASIC on a MITS Altair 8800 with Front Panel
MITS Altair 680b operation
Using Telebyte 65A RS232 to Current Loop Converter to load papertapes
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Name Size
1440 DIR
680 DIR
680_cards DIR
680_cassettes DIR
680_sn11480 DIR
88-DCDD_rev0 DIR
8800 DIR
8800a DIR
8800b DIR
8800b-t DIR
8800b-t_3 DIR
8800b-t_4 DIR
8800b-t_system DIR
Altair 8800 Assembly manual.pd 7,176,494 KB
Altair 8800 Front Panel Schema 204,538 KB
Altair 8800 Schematics.pdf 958,134 KB
altair.exe 131,072 KB
Altair8800FrontPanelSchematic. 204,538 KB
Computer_Notes__MITS_.pdf 12,158,167 KB
Computer_Notes_Review__MITS_.p 5,932,121 KB
MDBL.pdf 544,631 KB
MITS Software Agreement.pdf 596,675 KB
MITS_Altair_680_Very_Tiny_Lang 2,383,746 KB
MITS_Altair_DOS_User's_Manual. 4,924,299 KB
MITS_Altair_Short_Course_1976. 3,156,631 KB
MITS_Brochure_1977.pdf 7,299,803 KB
MITS_Computer_Notes_Apr_1977.p 2,211,646 KB
MITS_Computer_Notes_May_1977.p 4,719,757 KB
MITS_Computer_Notes_Nov_1975.p 12,158,167 KB
MITS_Computer_Notes_Review_Vol 5,932,121 KB
MITS_Computer_Notes_Sept_1977. 4,431,297 KB
Problem Solver Systems PSS 16K 389,184 KB
S-100_cards DIR
Software DIR


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