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Video: PDP 8 Ceremony

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Name Size
Bogan Apple pic1.jpg 957,050 KB
Bogan Apple pic2.jpg 1,020,478 KB
Bogan Apple pic3.jpg 1,069,540 KB
Chapman-Primus DECPDP1173 UNIX 988,958 KB
Cohen Intel pic1.jpg 527,276 KB
Cohen Intel pic2.jpg 891,115 KB
Crawford VisiCalc pic1.jpg 909,046 KB
Crawford VisiCalc pic2.jpg
Crawford VisiCalc pic3.jpg 1,031,522 KB
Degnan Hazeltine-1510.jpg 830,045 KB
Degnan MITS-Altair-680.jpg 919,935 KB
Degnan MITS-Altair-680 911,052 KB
Degnan Teletype Altair-680.jpg
Degnan Teletype ASR-33.jpg 823,644 KB
Degnan Teletype Restoration-Sl 966,317 KB
Dodd Atari modification 2.jpg 1,020,040 KB
Fletcher Atari Have you played 1,141,284 KB
Gesswein PDP8.jpg 1,019,530 KB
Gesswein Powering-on-PDP8.jpg
Hill CBM-PET vid-capture.jpg 934,778 KB
Kovacs CBM-Internet.jpg 924,328 KB
Lange Atari.jpg 976,922 KB
Loewen TRS80 Hi-res.jpg
McGuire Dec Minicomputers.jpg
Oprysko BASIC.jpg 955,263 KB
Parish HP-2113 DEC-RL02.jpg 931,564 KB
Rosen Mac-Museum.jpg 945,918 KB
Rosen Mac-Museum 2.jpg 933,176 KB
Salzman Amiga VidToaster.jpg 1,183,159 KB
Stuart PDP8M.jpg 1,060,193 KB
TeletypeClass DIR
Willegal Amateur-Radio.jpg 1,016,224 KB
Willegal Amateur-Radio 2.jpg 667,635 KB
Willegal SCELBI-8B.jpg 1,003,991 KB
Winters-Becker Amiga-30th.jpg
Winters-Becker Amiga-30th 612,184 KB


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