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  by Bill Degnan - 10/03/2019 07:49
Adding to the earlier message in this thread you can't set the reply-to value in the multinet menu-drrven config tool


...or command line. Further, you can't insert a line that sets the reply to value in because MULTINET_SMTP_REPLY_TO is set after login.

I edited the SYSTEM user's (each user has their own) to include the DEFINE statement to set MULTINET_SMTP_REPLY_TO for SYSTEM, and proceeded to do this in a regular user's account.


This means that if you want to protect the gateway from being hijacked, EVERY USER needs to have an alias created on the gateway mail server I am using ( that forwards mail to its corresponding microvax 3100 user. The mail user will be DEFINE'd in at the user level's

see also:
Prevent VMS MULTINET SMTP Relay Hijacks


Adding VMS Users


Setting Disk Quota

next I could set up a pattern for a lexical function such as for example
F$GETJPI(0, "USERNAME") to come up with a single logical name definition that
will work correctly for any user on the system without modification *assuming the gateway pair email alias uses same format*. i.e. -->



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