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SW3 #1 to control hard drive

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  by Bill Degnan - 08/10/2008 10:22

Excellent; I will alter the switch.

My earlier post describes how I came to the decision for restoring the OS. I believe because I have original AT&T v. 3.3 disks, although a higher subversion of the shipped OS, trumps a *copy* of AT&T 3.1. Just a personal preference. I fully acknowledge the contrary argument. The whole subject of the best way to restore a computer is of interest and I am always looking for opinions. I plan to get into this topic as a full column issue of this web site, some day.

I have the clock fix, but I did not mention this in my post. Thanks for the offer though.

I have visited your new web site, but for the benefit of anyone who is looking for more AT&T 6300 info, here it is:



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