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Inforex Core Memory Controller


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  Inforex Core Memory Controller by Bill Degnan - 09/30/2007 13:40
I received a box containing an INFOREX Core Memory Controller from late 1970 / early 1971 and a DATARAM core memory cartridge / daughter card. The DATARAM core is 4K I believe, but I did not open it to check. The box also contained a document from 1978 about this type of 4K and 8K core memory, and some interesting pages about installing and using core memory with an S-100 data bus. I assume that this particular DATARAM core memory could be used in both the pictured below DEC-like controller and a homebrew S-100 controller.. Given the condition of the card and memory, it's very possible that these components work. Now I just need a computer to put them in...hmmm.


  Inforex Core Memory Controller by Graham Hewitt - 10/17/2007 06:22

I worked for Inforex 1975-1979. Boxes included 1300 series, 3300 and 5000. Is there a clue as to which thos card belonged? By the way, Inforex was taken over by Datapoint early 80s.




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