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CBM 2001-16B (PET)


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  CBM 2001-16B (PET) by Bill Degnan - 10/22/2019 09:55
Commodore PET 2001-16B upgraded with 16K more RAM and a SM-KIT programmer's productivity kit ROM. Donation to Kennett Classic by Alan Walter. Click image for larger view.

Not CBM-branded but this is the Livermore Labs Star 488 IEEE Modem and software that was OEM'd as the CBM 8010 IEEE modem. Click image for larger view.

A nice copy of PET Microchess. Click image for larger view.

Click for more photos

NEXT: Let's see what's under hood, and do some testing. In addition to a 16K RAM upgrade, this computer has had additional work done. Note the dual push buttons on the front underside and custom adapter attached to the left rear port. The computer boots up without issue, but I have only left it powered on for a few seconds.



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