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Iowa State 1957 IBM 650, Cyclone 1


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  Iowa State 1957 IBM 650, Cyclone 1 by Bill Degnan - 09/23/2019 06:02
Iowa State College Progress report No 1
Iowa State rented an IBM 650 and went live in February 1957. The implementation team published a report on their progress, lead by T. A. Bancroft Director, Statistical Laboratory; Chairman, Working Committee for the Improvement of Computational Facilities at Iowa State College

"...After much careful study, an interdepartmental "Working Committee for Improvement of Computational Facilities at Iowa State College" recomĀ­mended, early in 1956, both the rental of an IBM 650 at a 60% educational discount and the construction of a digital computer for which the llliac at the University of Illinois would serve as prototype. The IBM 650 was inĀ­stalled on February 7, 1957 and has now been in continuous service for over two years. Construction of the Cyclone, ISC' s copy of the Illiac, was started in July 1956, and it is expected that this computer will be placed in operation by the end of the 1959 spring quarter.

As will be seen in the body of the present report, the 650 computer has proved to be extremely useful in the various research programs of the college. Furthermore, its availability has aroused new interests among the staff in high-speed computing. The success of this venture is in large part due to the initiative and energies of Prof. H. O. Hartley, Mrs. Mary Clem, Prof. C. C. Mosier and their associates in scientific computing--and to the cooperative spirit of the many "users" of the Computing Service. The venture has received the wholehearted support of the college Administration from the beginning. ..."

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