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DEC VAX 4000-705A


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  DEC VAX 4000-705A by Bill Degnan - 08/22/2018 01:05
A well stocked VAX 4000 was the last and I believe most capable 4000 model. Click image for larger view.

Here is the first part of the "show config" command output. Click image for larger view.

Show Dev output displays both SCSI and DSSI controllers. Click image for larger view.

"...The VAX 4000 Model 705A, code-named "Legacy+", was introduced in late August 1994.[7] It used the KA694 CPU module containing a 111.12 MHz (9 ns cycle time) NVAX microprocessor with 2 MB of external tertiary cache..."

I look forward to getting this up and running, a replacement of my VAX 4000-200 which I recently sold to make room for this new project.



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