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WiFi232 Modem


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  WiFi232 Modem by Bill Degnan - 06/01/2017 14:47
WIFI232 Modem attached to DEC Rainbow Comm Port.
Pictured is a new product called the WIFI232 Modem, by Paul Rickards. The modem is attached to the Comm port of a DEC Rainbow while in terminal mode. Enter AT modem commands to simulate modem communications via telnet. You can "dial up" telnet BBS's with this device by entering the domain after the ATDT command. Click image for larger view.

DEC Rainbow telnet session
DEC Rainbow telnet session is initiated by using AT modem commands to "dial" telnet BBS' such as Area 29, pictured above. Click image for larger view.

Search the web for the WiFi232 Modem or visit this page:

  AT&T 6300 Takes a Turn by Bill Degnan - 06/12/2017 21:50
AT&T 6300 ProCom Plus Install screen
The AT&T 6300, an 8Mhz 8086, during install of ProComm Plus communications software. Click image for larger view.

AT&T 6300 Connected to Level 29 BBS
Screen shot after connecting to the Level 29 telnet BBS. The green phosphor of the Olivetti monitor has a nice crisp picture. Click image for larger view.



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