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Prototype PET 2001 photo


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  Prototype PET 2001 photo by Bill Degnan - 05/26/2007 15:27
While doing some reasearch on my exhbit, I came upon a copy of Byte October 1977, and on page 54 there is an article about the National Computer Conference in Dallas, TX June 13-16. On that page is a picture of a prototype PET 2001.


I posted two scans, one blown up so you can read the face plate.

...this is to my knowledge the first known photo from a magazine of a CBM PET 2001, and a prototype to boot. BUT this is not the first known photo (Seach this site for "gametronics") - Note that the mag pic PET plate reads: "PET Computer 2001" on the front right (as seen in the blown-up of the two scans).

SO - If the Dallas convention marks the first public appearance of the PET 2001. This event coincides with the VCF E ( ) - 30 years ago to the day, minus one week.


  Prototype PET 2001 photo by Larry Anderson - 07/16/2007 21:03
While surfing the net last year I stumbled on the location of the more photographed wood case prototype PET: http://infolab.stanford....ictures/display/4-1.htm Not too far from the West Coast Vintage Computer festival in Stanford. Haven't made a pilgrimage to view it but maybe this year. (just love that nice case design)

  Jan 1977 PET photo by Bill Degnan - 08/13/2008 22:56



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