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1966-68 Honeywell u-COMP DDP-516 Console


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  1966-68 Honeywell u-COMP DDP-516 Console by Bill Degnan - 10/13/2016 14:30
Photo of a Honeywell u-COMP DDP-516 control console. The orange color scheme was used in the 1966~68 u-COMP models, see early advertisements. Many people know of the "kitchen computer", the 516 is the same thing, same instruction set as the DDP-316 (H316). If the 316 is the Kitchen Computer, the 516 is the "business" model. This console would sit on the operator's desk, or on top of the computer cabinet, which stood about 4 feet tall (need to check that). The operator would use the console buttons and switches as one would use a front panel. There is also a blue cover version of this console. Click image for larger view.

Back cover
Serial number 194

View of back of console with cover removed, sitting in front.

A view of the entire DDP-516 system. The compuer is the small fridge-sized box in the back. The console sits in the middle on the operators desk and a teletype is installed next to the desk for I/O (printer, keyboard, display, program storage). Click image for larger view.

Image of console with software papertapes and manuals strewn about

View of the internal wiring power harness ports. I do not have the cable that would have attached to the computer itself. Click image for larger view.

I am missing two interface cards that fit in this little backplane, I need to figure out how to replace these. Click image for larger view.

more photos

Next I plan to work through the schematics to probe and map the role of the console, knobs, etc. I am guessing the 24v matches the lights (24 data 1v lamps, and there is a 6v line for the current loop to the teletype, 20ma. There is another DIN connector that may have something to do with console power itself.

My guess is that one of the two missing console control cards is the teletype interface/run relay card, the other is the card that connects the 30+ wired connections that handle computer communications with the console. These would need to be found or reproduced.

I have brochures and some user docs, I started downloading the 516 schematics. I have the 16 series simH running. An ambitious project would be to replace the missing DDP-516 with a Raspberry Pi .ala. PiDP8 console and PiDP11, and LGP-30, except with a real console.

  Corrections by Bill Degnan - 10/20/2016 12:19
Philipp Hachtmann owns a complete DDP-516:
( ) writes:

"... I just saw your pictures. You comment on 6V teletype something.
The TTY runs off more than 6V. 6V is the machine's primary logic voltage. Not 5V.
I have forgotten about the odd round connector. But I have all that stuff complete with cabling. And it works.


Philipp ..."

  DDP-516 8K core by Bill Degnan - 02/03/2017 13:58
Honeywell DDP-516 Model 8192/16 core RAM module, side view. This core plane specs: 8192/16 880 N-sec, Strobe delayed 124 N-sec from RXSWA+. Click for larger view.

Honeywell DDP-516 Model 8192/16 core RAM module, top view. Interesting Burroughs label is also present. I am unsure if this is a Burroughs RAM plane for a DDP-516 or if this was a DDP-516 at Burroughs or serviced by Burroughs. Click for larger view.

Honeywell DDP-516 Model 8192/16 core RAM module, bottom view. Click for larger view.

Honeywell DDP-516 Model 8192/16 core RAM module, serial number plate. Click for larger view.

  Datamation Nov 1966 by Bill Degnan - 11/16/2019 16:35
Datamation November 1966 Honeywell's DDP-516
Honeywell's DDP-516 as described in the November 1966 Datamation magazine. Click image for to read the full article.



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