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How to make a MS IBM DOS 1 boot disk


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  How to make a MS IBM DOS 1 boot disk by Bill Degnan - 04/11/2007 15:00
How to make a DOS 1.1 boot disk for an IBM PC with 360 K 5 1/4" drive:

1) download all files including the util directory:

You will need to (somehow) copy these files onto a blank, MS DOS formatted (any older version), but NOT bootable 360K 5 1/4" disk.

2) with blank disk in drive A, run command chkdsk /v to verify that you have no files on the disk

4) copy the files to the 360 disk

5) assuming the disk is in drive A and you copied to a dir on the diskette called "util", enter the following command:

util\attr -S -H ibm*.com [enter]

6) with the newly-prepared disk in the drive, reboot.

7) assuming all goes well, at the prompt enter the "ver" command to verify that you have DOS 1.1.

If you have problems, reboot using newer DOS version and try chkdsk /v with the disk you created, to see if the hidden files are indeed there and system/hidden bits are set.

  IBM DOS 3.3 Disk by Bill Degnan - 11/16/2010 14:26
Generate a bootable IBM 3.30. You should be able to use the same utils referred to in the previous thread.

It would be easier because you can format a diskette in Win 2000...XP class OS system (720K or 1.44M), and prepare the boot-able disk on there.



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