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CBM KIM-1 Rev G Restoration


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  CBM KIM-1 Rev G Restoration by Bill Degnan - 05/19/2013 10:27

Started project to restore a non-functioning Commodore Kim-1 (Rev G). Working with a number of attendees at the Spring MARCH workshop we concluded that the 6502 socket was bad. I also replaced the dual timer chip in U25.

More to come.

  KIM U1 Socket Replaced by Bill Degnan - 07/08/2013 10:36
Removed the 6502 socket (U1) and discovered a lot of scratches which might explain why we're not getting the right signals, seems like they have created a short in the board.

  Another KIM walks again by Bill Degnan - 08/26/2014 13:16
I had extensively worked through the other KIM I have (KIM rev D thread which gave me new knowledge to test this one as well.

Most important, I learned one must ground pin K on the application connector even if not applying 12V power.

The repairs I made to the socket and other little cleanup I did to bring the KIM-G back to life (don't remember everything) may have helped or may not have been necessary. The machine sprang to life with pin K grounded; the ROMs return the correct values. I need to do more testing, but this is a great step forward.

  Photos Commodore KIM-1 Rev G by Bill Degnan - 08/27/2014 10:27
Commodore KIM-1 Rev G
Yes this is the Commodore KIM-1 Rev G from the poster I produced in 2006. Click image for larger view.

Power leads attached to application connector of KIM-1
Photo of the power leads I added to the application connector. I can disconnect these leads safely without removing the application connector adapter each time. Click image for larger view.

LED display Commodore KIM-1
Here's an image of the LED display. click image for larger view.

Commodore KIM-1 rev G powered on
View of the KIM-1 powered on. Click image for larger view.

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