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Trenton Computer Festival 2013


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  Trenton Computer Festival 2013 by Bill Degnan - 03/17/2013 10:48
Mark 8 Minicomputer display at Trenton Computer Festival 2013
Who wouldn't be smiling if they had a beautiful Mark 8 to feature at their computer exhibit? MARCH is proud to have received (on loan) an original Mark 8 computer for our computer museum. The system came to us from David Larson curator of the BugBook Museum located in Floyd Virginia. The Mark 8 was designed by Dr. John Titus and this particular Mark 8 was built by George Overfelt in 1975. The Mark 8 will be displayed within the MARCH vintage computing exhibit within the Infoage Science Center in Wall, NJ. Click image for larger view.

Herb Johnson Heathkit H8 Trenton Computer Festival 2013
Herb Johnson tutors W. Lloyd Degnan on the finer points of HDOS BASIC. Herb restored and prepared this Heathkit H8 8080 computer system, with accompanying Heathkit H17 dual drive unit, for the event. Lloyd commented that working on the H8 was his favorite part of the show. Click image for larger view.

Altair 8800 Corey Cohen Trenton Computer Festival 2013
Pictured is Corey Cohen's materfully restored MITS Altair 8800 computer, with bent plexiglass cover and other accoutrements. The display terminal is an Lear Siegler ADM-3A loaned from the MARCH museum. If you look closely you can see MITS BASIC 8 in the display. Click image for larger view.

RCA Cosmac VIP and OSI 300 Dromgoole
Pictured here is Bill Dromgoole's RCA Cosmac VIP system, and to the left an Ohio Scientific 300. Both running demo programs in the homebrew spirit. Click image for larger view.

Digital DEC PDP 8 Educomputer Gesswein
Dave Gesswein's DEC PDP 8 Educomputer. Dave demoed a number of Digital hardware components working together to run a Calcomp 563 plotter. Click image for larger view.

Commodore KIM-1 Comley Trenton Computer Festival 2013 TCF
Another excellent example of the "homebrew era", David Comley brought his Commodore KIM-1 Single board computer and TI Silent 700 terminal. Click image for larger view.

Intel 8085 Development SBC Computer Chapman TCF 2013
Jon Chapman discussing the finer points of his Intel 8085 single board computer. A lot of visitors commented about how they too used similar systems in their college studies. Click image for larger view.

MIMEO Apple 1 TCF 2013 Cohen
The MIMEO Apple 1 replica built by Corey Cohen on loan to MARCH. This is a favorite of visitors each time the system is exhibited at events. Click image for larger view.

MITS Altair 680 TCF 2013 Degnan
I brought an original MITS Altair 680 with Hazeltine 1510 terminal. The system is pictured running the program Hurkle, written in the VTL-2 (Tiny BASIC) language for the 6800 processor. Click image for larger view.

IMSAI 8080 Computer Trenton Computer Festival 2013 Degnan
The other system I exhibited was an IMSAI 8080 running the Processor Technologies VM-1, General-Purpose Module and 3P+S I/O card. The program displayed on the monitor is "Running Walk" from Dr. Dobb's Journal. Click image for larger view.

More photos

Herb Johnson's page on the event:



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