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Computers Built 1940 - 1950


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  Computers Built 1940 - 1950 by Bill Degnan - 11/15/2012 16:01
Taken from a SIGCIS-Members thread, edits by me.

Year Computer Country
1941 Z3 Germany
1942 ABC U.S.
1943 Colossus U.K
1944 Colossus II UK
(and eight further copies/variants of Colossus II 1944/1945)
1944 Harvard Mark 1 U.S.
1944 Bell Labs Model 3 U.S.
1945 Z4 Germany
1946 ENIAC U.S.
1947 SSEC U.S.
1948 SSEM U.K.
1949 BINAC U.S.
1949 EDSAC U.K.
1949 CSIRC Australia
1949 EDVAC U.S.
1949 MADM U.K.
1950 MESM Ukraine

Bell Labs computers From Paul Ceruzzi's Reckoners:
Model II Model IV Model V (two copies)
Date completed 7-1943 3-1945 12-1946, 8-1947
Also: Model I, 1939; Model VI, 1949

The Harvard Mark II, III.

The Pilot ACE (UK) ran in May, 1950 according to and was
demonstrated in Dec, 1950, according to Wikipedia.

Whirlwind although some might question whether its "operational date" falls within the 1950 limit.

Simon 1949

  On Firsts Lists by Bill Degnan - 11/15/2012 16:02
> As one who is guilty of having constructed lists of machines, their
> operational date, and whether they were "first" or not, I now feel
> we ought to back away from such listings. One of the reasons the
> Colossus machines are often left off of these lists is that, by the
> time details of their existence became known, historians were not so
> interested in such chronologies any more.



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