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Teletype Workshop at VCF East


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  Teletype Workshop at VCF East by Bill Degnan - 04/22/2011 08:54
Here is the official email about the teletypes. Please read this over carefully.
Bill Degnan
A Vice Pres. M.A.R.C.H.

1. If you have not done so already pick a teletype from the photos here

2. The prices are labeled on the photos:

Selling prices:
$100 TTY (best cond. has stand, chad paper catch, sheet holder, rare )
$75 TTY (complete/good cond no stand)
$75 TTY (fair condition but has stand)
$50 TTY (poor cond. / incomplete / parts)

3. There are two ways to get your choice of teletype

a. Register for the workshop/Pick up at VCF

In addition to the workshop itself, your $40 also gets you:
- Entry into the drawing to win a free "serviceable" teletype.
- $40 applied to the purchase of a teletype, "dibs" in the order of registration (first to register = first to pick from what's available, second, etc.).
- If you do not show up for the workshop you lose your place in line but the $40 can be applied to a purchase from what's available.
- The $40 deposit is non-refundable.

NOTE: You have to make the remaining balance due payment in order to take possession of your teletype.

b. Purchase outright/Pick up any time
- If you don't want to wait until the workshop, you can buy a teletype outright by paying full price in advance of the VCF. First come first served.
- I will mark the photos with the names of the purchaser after payment has been received.
- Visit the link below and click on the "donate" button to enter the Mid-Atlantic Retro web site PayPal account to make payment.

4. How to take posession of your TTY:

The teletypes are located in the Mid Atlantic Retro Computing Hobbyists' Computer Museum which is located in the InfoAge Science Center of Wall, NJ. For directions see

Payment (see 3 above)

Pickup Before VCF Weekend
InfoAge Sundays when MARCH has someone there at the museum pick teletype assuming they have paid the full price (paypal).

Pickup on VCF Weekend:
Persons can pay $40 in advance to reserve a TTY, and it's their choice whether they attend the workshop. The $40 goes towards the purchase price of a TTY. One must pay the balance due to take possession of their TTY.

Pickup After VCF Weekend
Persons can visit InfoAge Sundays when MARCH has someone there at the museum to buy and take home a teletype assuming they have paid the full price (paypal).

There is no shipping available.

Everything is sold as-is without any warranty.

No returns, although exchanges will be allowed if comparable units are still available




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