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Bring up CPM3 for the first time


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  Bring up CPM3 for the first time by John Monahan - 03/01/2011 14:12
Just FYI, I have written up a step by step set of instructions for installing CPM3 on a floppy disk system. The current writeup is for a very simple "Non-Banked" system. I will later enlarge upon this for a "Banked" system and for a more extensive IDE drive
hard disk system. See:-

  cpm/3 for visual 1050 by Bill Degnan - 03/01/2011 21:14
I use CP/M 3 on my Visual 1050 computer.

  Added Banked version Update by John Monahan - 03/07/2011 00:22
I have now added an update (towards the end of the article) describing how to build a Banked version of CPM3.
Also included two short Videos

  Bringing up CPM3 on a Hard Disk System by John Monahan - 03/16/2011 20:14
I have now written a writeup about installing CPM3 (Banked or Non-Banked) on a hard disk system. This completes the set with instructions for installing CPM3 on a floppy and/or hard disk system. Took way more time than I expected!
Here is the link:-



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